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Animated B2B Explainer Video for Your Partner or Investor

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This article defines an animated explainer video and discusses its business benefits.

What is an animated B2B explainer video?

It’s a short video, ranging in length from thirty seconds to two minutes, that uses animation to describe the benefits and qualities of a company or product. According to the numbers, the return on investment for this specific kind of video content will be the highest among all other types of advertising in the year 2021. This was found to be the case when comparing all of the different types of advertising.

How to create the best B2B explainer?

The formula for an excellent animated explainer video is a tale that is simple, logical, and engaging, and that demonstrates the benefits and distinctiveness of your brand. Instead of statistics, win the hearts of your clients and business partners with moving and memorable stories.

How can one accomplish such a result? Despite the fact that this type of video content is only a few minutes long, B2B video production requires a lot of time and work to make a truly remarkable end product. It is not enough to just acquire content or create a script.

Let’s break down the process that B2B marketing agencies use in order to produce this kind of video: research, brainstorming, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, and sound design. The first three steps are the most challenging because of the important role they play in determining the outcome in the end:

  • Investigation of the market. Find out what the most important trends are, how your product or brand is distinct from those of your competitors, and the unique difficulties that your audience is attempting to solve. The question is one that the consumer needs to think about and answer for him or herself “How was I able to get by in the past without having access to it? However, this is the solution that is going to fix all of my issues in a nutshell.”


  • Brainstorm. At this point, you need to give some consideration to the many different distribution options that are available to you and come up with some of your own that most effectively convey the primary purpose and cater to the needs of the audience you have in mind. In addition, you need to consider the many different distribution options that are available to you. Despite the many benefits it provides, an animated explainer video is not suitable for all types of organizations. A marketing strategy and voice brand developed for a company that specializes in cybersecurity, for example, would not mesh well with this kind of movie. If you find yourself in a scenario like this, you should go for an alternative that is more realistic.


  • Script creation. The creation of a script that is not only highly compelling but also includes all of the essential information that will be communicated through your video is a vital stage. The success of your animation explanation video for B2B depends on a script that is believable, accurate, and innovative. Additionally, the script should be easy to grasp. A video using such a script is reliable.

Why is an animated B2B video important for customer s or investors?

In the business-to-business market, animated video is the most effective medium for making the first impression on a potential viewer who could become a repeat client or business partner who is enthusiastic about the possibility of continued profitable collaboration. Professional animated explanatory videos help to:

  • Create a good impression of your brand.
  • To summarize a business concept
  • Complement the B2B marketing strategy
  • Increase the impact of the brand or product.

In addition, whether selling a product or providing a service that is difficult to describe, it is almost always impossible to do so without the use of an animated film. This is supported by a current study into consumer behavior: More than eighty-five percent of respondents attest to the fact that they are more likely to acquire the product that they have seen in the video rather than the one about whom they have just read. Pages that include video explanations convert at a rate that is 80% higher than pages that do not have video.

Why do companies and brands use animated explainer B2B videos so frequently?

An animated B2B explainer video is a great approach to sharing the market and highlighting partners for your brand or product. These videos can also be used for customers. Your organization will have a more positive image as well as increased visibility, sales, and conversions thanks to the use of professional animated explainer videos.

Want to know how much an animated explainer video for B2B would cost?

The budget for the marketing strategy is an essential aspect of the success of the brand promotion. A competitive animated explainer video starts around $900 to produce.

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Do you want to know how to order a B2B animated video?
Do you want to know how to order a B2B animated video?

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