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Animated Corporate Video Production: What is It, Price, Process?

Mayokun Enoch
Animated Corporate Video

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Animated corporate videos are the face of marketing in today’s digital world. Find out what it entails, how they come to be, and most importantly, how much you should pay.

Video content has become a significant part of business marketing for decades now, and rightly so. The visual sensitisation and swift message delivery make them so effective; they’ve taken over online advertising quickly. And the most popular today, animated videos, have recorded incredible numbers, with 85% of customers asking to see more video content from businesses and brands (Hubspot)!

So, having animated corporate videos as part of your promotional and advertisement content can help put your business on the map. But you may wonder if it’s something you need for your brand, especially since you’ll be spending considerable funds. You may also be interested in how the process of creating the content is carried out.

What are Animated Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos are usually short video content designed to inform visitors of a brand’s website, business, or landing page about the company’s operations. They’re also created to engage visitors and audiences, keeping them curious about the company’s goals, products and services. It’s why these video types utilise attractive graphics, catchy illustrations, and captivating dialogues and text to simplify messages for viewers and spark general interest.

Because corporate videos are primarily awareness and promotional content, they encompass a comprehensive collection of visual techniques and letters. It’s why you’ll find the following types of video content created by companies under the umbrella of corporate videos:

  • Showreels,
  • Brand videos,
  • Testimonial videos,
  • Explainer videos,
  • Tradeshow/Conference videos
  • Sales videos,
  • Investor Relations videos,
  • Internal communication videos,
  • Training/How-To videos, and
  • Company Profile/Introduction videos.

While the type is numerous, most corporate videos feature spectacular animation to express uniqueness while keeping the duration minimal- usually at a maximum of 2 minutes.

Animated Corporate Video Production Process

Animated corporate videos are the most popular types used today, as they offer the highest level of flexibility in terms of creativity and uniqueness. And while they may be designed for different purposes depending on the company, each type follows a similar production process. In most situations, an animated corporate video production process takes these steps:


Before a corporate video is produced, the brand first needs to decide which type to make. And the choice depends on what the company hopes to achieve with the content. While the general purpose of animated corporate videos is to create awareness, other reasons may be to inform viewers about new products, display a new release’s best features, introduce the brand’s mission, or boost sales.

Also, the brand needs to consider where the corporate animated video is going before creating it- website, social media posts, landing pages, YouTube channels, etc. The platform selected also determines the video’s mood, formality, and animation style.


Once the correct information and detail have been gathered, the corporate animated video script is written. This part is crucial to the final product as the script determines how each element is arranged and sorted. A well-written corporate video script indicates how the message and emotion are passed to the audience. Most experts insist on getting this part right before proceeding to the rest of the processes.

Sometimes, scripting can be done solely by the company, as they may be in the best position to describe how to sell the brand. But most animated scripts are left for the production companies since they’re experts at determining the most productive techniques to tell a brand’s story. It’s also why they’re initially allowed to research the brand and market behaviour beforehand.


Because animated videos are graphically generated, sketches of the concept are illustrated on storyboards to give the brands a peak at the prospective idea. Here, the promised illustrations are compiled in a presentation and shown to the client to peak their expectations. Storyboarding is also essential, allowing the brand to make changes and suggestions to the proposed visuals and style.

Through the storyboarding process, potential disagreements are sorted, and errors are repaired. This speeds up the overall video production process and makes the final result more satisfactory. It also gives the client a realistic approach to whether the selected duration suits the concept.


Most animated corporate videos feature voice-overs, usually recorded before production commences. Most production firms and agencies work with professional voice-over artists, while others choose from a collection of pre-recorded options for sale online. Whichever the case, the preferred voiceover option is met before the video is produced so the client can decide if it suits the mood and emotion the corporate video aims to project. And once the choice has been made, the audio editing specialist processes the audio track read by the announcer and positions it where needed.

Video Production

The first video draft follows after the voiceover is done, and through this process, the proposed illustration is animated into an audio-visual format. All selected elements are merged, rendered, and exported during video production, then played to the client to make extra revisions and customisations. The essential purpose of this aspect is to generate the animation style selected so the client can analyse its appeal. And colours are corrected, logos are animated, video and audio are edited, and special effects are overlaid to produce the final draft, which goes into the next and final stage.

Music and Sound Effects

Audio effects are the last addition to an animated corporate video production process, as they further promote the mood of the message and visuals. And an experienced sound designer is responsible for this stage and uses selected music and sound effects to make the video more captivating and immersive. Sound engineers usually go for exciting sound effects when dealing with animated videos, especially when it syncs with the animation style. And they know how crucial this stage is as the perfect blend can be critical to a successful animated corporate video production.

Once the animated corporate video is done, it’s sent to the client in different resolution sizes for selection. And once the final choice is made, the client can publish the video for their marketing needs for as long as they wish.

How Much Does Animated Corporate Video Cost?

Because corporate animated videos come in different types, their prices may vary with each agency. Also, the size, reputation, and experience level may factor into your final cost as a brand. Most times, freelancers and small studios charge less for corporate animated videos but at the expense of other related services like scriptwriting and storyboarding. It’s why contracting a large production studio like Zelios Agency remains ideal for any brand looking to create the best quality.

Because we create a range of videos for different purposes, Zelios Agency operates at selected prices. But we significantly retain a surprisingly affordable reputation for an animated video production agency since we never compromise on quality and service. It’s why you’ll find these price ranges for our corporate video services quite reasonable:

Duration and Price Services
Animated Videos –from $1800
  • Brainstorm
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects
Showreel Videos – $700
  • Brainstorm
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects

So, contact us today for more information and get your business the best of this service.

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The best explainer video for your business

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