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Animated Corporate Videos: Best Ideas & How to Make One

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Playful, catchy, and unlimitedly diverse; animated corporate videos are the new face of business marketing. Read on to find sweet inspirations for your next project, and how to make them.

It’s logical to agree that video marketing has reached tremendous heights in the past two decades. According to Explain Ninja, about 93% of brands revealed they earned new customers through videos posted on their social media platforms in 2022. Almost 61% of companies insist that video content remains a crucial aspect of their marketing strategies. And in that same year, 88% of potential customers said they look forward to seeing more videos from businesses and brands!

Animated Explainer Videos can increase conversions by 20%

A recent boom features tons of brands delving into animated corporate videos. These videos utilize drawings, designs, illustrations, or computer effects to create compelling, eye-catching videos that engage any viewer. Animated videos don’t use real people or settings, but instead, original ideas are created from scratch. And they can come in numerous styles ranging from 2D to 3D, whiteboard, CGI, motion graphics, stick-figure, and kinetic typography.

Why Make Animated Corporate Videos?

The general idea of corporate videos is a serious visual impression of a brand’s vision and identity. But this doesn’t mean the 1-2 minute content must look stoic and bland. Animated corporate videos are established as one of the most effective techniques for making brand-related video content. And here are some reasons why they work for everyone, including you;

  1. Engagement Boost- Animations provide a fluid and palatable flow of color and design combinations to influence an audience, push more views and shares, and, promote more customer engagement and traffic boost.
  2. Flexible Concept Options- Using animation for corporate videos makes you always open to limitless amounts of potential ideas through different creative styles. With freshly designed characters, color palettes, universes, stories, and a fantasy-friendly environment, the potential for unique concepts are massive.
  3. Efficient and Cost-Effective- Unlike the footage-based concept types, animation corporate videos are based on sketched concepts, meaning creation is meticulous and strict. Also, you can say more through shorter corporate animated videos than live-footage types.
  4. Unique Identity- The customizable nature of animated corporate videos makes it easy to create a distinct face for your brand. With each design and distribution, you can tell the story in your voice, creating a special connection avenue only your business can imprint.

Animated Corporate Video Ideas for You

Knowing how effective animated corporate videos are in expressing what your brand has to offer potential users, anyone would be eager to jump at making one. So, why not check out these examples for inspiration when making yours?


This brand combines colors, transitions, and icons to create an impressive array of swoosh and swirls in a completely eye-catching corporate video. What makes this video enthralling is how the concept can merge simple design concepts to reveal a captivating result in shapes and sound effects. And at 49 seconds, the video passes a powerfully educative message about the brand’s coffee blend and ways to achieve it in their homes.


Merck proves with this corporate animated video that the most complicated products can be easily explained with the right combination of animation elements. Being a developer of lead-capturing tools, the brand realizes how complicated it can be to explain how the functions and perks of their products work, and that’s what makes this video so compelling. Using shapes to express various types of lead types, Merck promotes the utilization of their iCapture product while clarifying issues commonly faced by businesses that depend on leads.


This tech giant isn’t new to the idea of corporate animated videos in their promotion campaigns, so having one of theirs on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise. But this clip goes a notch by combining live-action scenes with upbeat animated icons and texts. Plus, it uses these elements to not just create awareness for its latest products, but also promote the Apple brand. Couple all these with the brilliant soundtrack, and you have a corporate video you just can’t get your eyes off.


One great advantage of corporate animation videos is their rich potential for emotional connection with viewers. And since this is one main goal of pharmaceutical brands, it’s no surprise this is the take Pfizer went for. This video displays not just a powerful script, but also compelling yet relatable points like pain and hope. And by minimally balancing riveting music with strong animated visuals, the video addresses a complex but common subject; the causes of pain and a realistic solution they can offer.


While this tech brand isn’t new to animated video production campaigns, they seem to have mastered the art of passing messages through humor. Through playfully designed characters, the animation corporate video expresses its business visions and objectives in a cheerful yet capturing way. And while the objects and subjects are animated, their stories and personalities are so relatable; any viewer will be enthralled.

DHL Logistics

It’s easy to find logistics and supply chain businesses boring; a fact visible in tons of adverts from many such brands. But DHL Logistics breaks this jinx using animation to explain the vast processes required to send and receive parcels. What makes this video interesting is every viewer is already familiar with how tedious and lengthy such a subject can be, yet find it easy and concise to understand in this video. Plus, the brand uses playful colors, shapes, and transitions while also adding inclusiveness to express how they focus on every customer’s individual needs.


Of course, we’re adding Google to the list, and why not? Plus, the topic they choose for this video is enough to sell their creative genius. The brand picks on the popular search terms generated during the lockdown to create an extremely relatable and emotional animated corporate video that talks about the pandemic. Plus, it harks on the future possibility of normalcy returning to the world through how search terms will eventually shift from pandemic-related terms to regular ones.

American Express

Using 3D animation, this brand showcases an impressive corporate animated video that talks about credit cards in a way anyone wouldn’t anticipate. By merging various morning transitions into the animation, viewers are introduced to a playful world that expresses the perks of owning a credit card. Among the various elements employed include toy-like offices and machinery telling numerous stories about purchasing needs, a spectacular soundtrack design, and compelling narration that makes you want to pick one as soon as the video ends!


Through animation, Slidework can express simply, how inclusive, supportive, and efficient their software company strives to be. By using corporate video animation for office and staff members, the clip minimalizes an already giant corporation into moving platforms and fluid transitions that express the many goals and activities of the company in a simplistic yet relatable way. The elements mix in a way that you almost feel the actual company’s environment flows just as well as its digital counterpart in the video!


This corporate animated explainer video from DuPoint expresses how science can approach sustainable food production- yes, boring, but wait. The producers brilliantly combine the topic of solving world hunger with a proposed solution that anyone watching would want to be part of. And while the animation may not be on the flamboyant side color scheme-wise, the narration and script are perfectly tailored to tap into that emotional center of the audience while also combining captivating statistics and text for maximum impact.

Creating Your Animated Corporate Videos

Lots of businesses can gain huge benefits from animated corporate videos, and what’s more, they’re not difficult to make. All you need to make the best animated corporate videos are;

A Great Script

While it’s great to create your corporate animated video script by hand, it may be best to always hire a professional. As experts in the field, they know the best ways to spin your stories and concepts for maximum results while making it express your brand’s identity as much as possible.

A Clear Storyboard

You want to be certain how the action in your animation for corporate video will be sequenced, so ensures to have a storyboard created. Each point in the video must be expressed, showing what happens and why it’s relevant to the video. Storyboards allow you to make the video as concise as possible and avoid filler scenes.

Spectacular Illustrations

You also want to know how the corporate animation video production will look, which is where design illustrations come in. This is where you’ll need a skilled graphic designer committed to creating the most distinct ideas possible for your brand. But if you have the skill, then why not give it a whirl?

Powerful Software

If you’re DIYing your animation corporate videos, then an online video maker can help you put these elements together. But for the best results, it’s always advised to hire a story animator. Prices range from $100 to as much as $25,000 so consider your budget, their samples, and how compatible they are with your vision before hiring. Below is an example of animated corporate video production prices by Zelios Agency.

Duration and Price Services
Animated Videos –from $1800
  • Brainstorm
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects
Showreel Videos – $700
  • Brainstorm
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects

The Bottom Line

Animated corporate videos are getting popular by the hour, and with good reason. Since they’re impressive traffic and awareness, it’s smart to consider making some for your business. But before kicking off, check out these examples above for needed inspiration. And note that the best videos are those that express your message as uniquely as possible.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

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