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b2b video production

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We live in the days of total video content dominance and if your business wants to stay competitive, you need to keep it visual. People process visual information much faster than texts, plus, they are bound to remember it better. This is why B2B video production is becoming so popular – marketers have already realized that the era of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and CTV/OTT lays down its own rules. Running a business today means promoting it with quality video content such as ads, training videos, presentations, etc. Zelios Agency is a professional B2B video production agency that helps you increase brand or product awareness.

What’s in it for your business?

Although the answer seems obvious, let’s recap:

  • Visual contact. Remember, the audience falls in love through the eyes. People need to see what you sell before they interact with your brand (like the ad post, leave their contact details, share with friends, and much less buy). Can you achieve your goals if you don’t show anything to your audience?
  • Media content (including video) is the most wanted content across social media. If you have it, you get new followers who, in turn, are going to spread the word about the product. Needless to say that it boosts popularity.

Have a look at the statistics. According to Brightcove, 76% of users buy a service or product after watching an ad, whereas 90% say that videos help them decide whether to buy it or not. In simple terms, videos do help increase your sales.
Visual content is used by business people, advertisers, coaches, reviewers, speakers, bloggers, and life hackers, just to name a few. Are you one of them? You need a B2B video marketing agency then.

What can you get with our B2B production?

Zelios Agency is a professional team specializing in B2B videos that help you:

  • Shape the right opinions on the service or product;
  • Create a positive image for your product and deliver its advantages to the viewers;
  • Keep the viewers interested in the product.

For each of the above, there is a different B2B video format:

  • Product video – a short clip demonstrating the features of your product from different angles. It is a great solution for marketplaces, social network pages, and YouTube reviews;
  • Showreels – videos to promote a company or a brand. These often showcase your best cases and projects to achieve a wow effect;
  • Animation, as an alternative to product videos. One of the advantages is lower production cost; in addition, it can highlight the details that wouldn’t be seen in a traditional video;
  • Screencast, or a video screen capture used to promote services, apps, etc. It can be a recorded sequence of actions by a PC, smartphone, or tablet user, which helps you convey, for example, the usability of an app or device performance;
  • Brand and product video reviews. These are created to highlight the advantages of an offer, and often (as in the case of brand videos) appeal to viewers’ emotions;
  • Whiteboard animation – a presentation drawn by a pencil/marker outlining a business or product and accompanied by audio. In a way, it is a product description; however, viewers tend to engage more with these videos, as the story uncovers in front of their eyes.

What businesses can benefit from B2B videos?

B2B marketing videos by our production company are a great tool to advertise complex products, mobile apps, online stores, SaaS projects, educational courses, you name it. Ever wondered how to make a video yourself? Have a look at this article.

Cost of B2B videos by Zelios Agency

The cost of a B2B product video shot by our agency depends on several factors:

  • Timing of the video;
  • Number of scenes;
  • Graphic complexity and the number of elements;
  • Supporting services, e.g. voiceover, music score, etc.

On average, the price of a B2B video by Zelios Agency starts at USD 900. For this money, you get a finished professional product where all your wishes have been translated into reality using our team’s creative capacities and hands-on experience.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

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