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Can I Make Animation by Myself and for Free? Why is it Better to Contact the Agency?

Mayokun Enoch

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Lots of free and paid apps flood the web, giving businesses the freedom to create animation themselves. Read why it may not be the best choice for your brand and where to find professionals that can bring your imagination to life.

Today, every business on the web is pushing its brand through catchy animation videos. Animated video production is also profiting highly since these brands harness the benefits of following such marketing trends. Look at the statistics on Renderforest; 78% of businesses and brands confirm that videos drive traffic. And 83% insist that it helped their businesses generate more leads!

So, of course, anyone would want to follow this compelling marketing idea. But because most agencies offer video production services at really high prices, it can be tempting to assume, ‘I can make animation by myself!’ But before you download that animation-free tool, understand what it is, how it works, and if it’s the best choice for your video marketing plan.

How Animation Free Tools Work

Animation-free tools and software are usually apps, studios, or websites where users can visit and design animation for free. In some situations, the tools are paid, but the charges are so low; it’s almost inconsequential.

Free animation studios and sites utilise user-friendly interfaces and functions that allow anyone to operate the features efficiently. They also include premade templates for users to sift through, showcasing cartoons, scribbles, playful texts, transition sequences and many other resources. And by their default design, a novice can open a project and design an animation for free and sometimes online.

What You Should Not Make Animation Videos Yourself

The urge to make your animated video online has some appealing perks. For starters, you won’t have to spend a penny on designers on most online animation makers and can focus on ideas you see fit yourself. You’ll also not have to worry about concepts lost in translation between you and the hired designer since you’re fully in charge.

But these advantages don’t cover the fact that using a free animation generator is more harmful to your business than good. And here are the reasons why;

  • Generic Templates
    No free animation studio or tool will offer you complex, classic, and unique designs. They’re free for a reason- to add you to the list of their user base. In truth, free animation tools offer generic templates you’ll find in thousands of other videos out there. So, the chances of creating something unique are slimmer than you think.
  • Low-Quality Designs
    Because you’re not a professional, you won’t be able to hit the same level of quality as your competitors who hire agencies. Plus, free animation tools can’t give you the high-level graphics you desire in those sample videos you’ve found. This remains even if the studio is paid.
  • Poor Production
    Again, your lack of experience and professionalism will surface when you make animation videos yourself. And because you’re doing it all alone, you can’t cover all bases. Let’s face it; you can’t be the scriptwriter, illustrator, storyboard artist, voice-over actor, and animator simultaneously. And you definitely won’t find those services in the free tool either.
  • Time Consuming and Tedious
    Even if you possess a certain level of skill and experience in video animation, it takes longer to create the work on your own, especially if you’re chasing a quality production fit for promoting your business. The energy and hour spent could have been put to other use had you allocated the video production duty to an expert.
  • No Extra Services Offered
    Even if you can create the animated video on your own and for free, you’ll still have to pay for extra services like voice features and editing. And it would be a complete waste if it turns out you didn’t do a good job animating the video yourself (which happens to be the case most times).
  • Limited Creativity
    Using free animation tools or making animated videos yourself limits the chance of your project reaching its full creative potential. Because you’re the sole judge, it’ll be hard to note errors, places needing improvements, or whether the project should be scrapped entirely.

Are Animation Videos Affordable?

Hearing why you shouldn’t create animated videos yourself and for free can be heartbreaking, especially since the general impression is that paid services are pricey. While this is partly true, not all video animation firms cost a fortune. Zelios Agency is where you can get top-quality video animation services at low prices. And you can find out more about their worth in this article How Much Should I Charge for a 1-Minute Animation?

Zelios Agency considers the financial obstacle plaguing most businesses when creating animated videos for their marketing needs. It’s why we design the production schedule to balance with the client’s budget, allowing them to get the desired result at prices they can afford. You can reach us on our website for excellent samples of our work. And if you’d like a consultation, feel free to email us.

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