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Carbonite is a high-level data protection that fuels business growth. They believe in protecting data from any and all unintended outcomes. From the initial creation and utilization of data, to its eventual planned and strategic deletion, it’s their mission – together, with Webroot’s cybersecurity solutions – to ensure the entire lifespan of data for the people and organizations that need it.


As soon as we received the first information from Alano, we immediately set out to research this project, held a long Brainstorm with the team, then proceeded to the writing of the script, then to the storyboard, we tried to simplify the understanding of our client's product, and deliver all the necessary information in 1 minute despite the very short deadline, we were able to achieve a good conversion rate from the video.

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When it comes to cybersecurity, guiding your customers into the right strategies and solutions isn’t always easy. Especially when every organization’s ecosystem is different and their needs are unique. At Carbonite and Webroot, we are developing tools and resources that assist our partners in escalating market awareness about the pervasiveness and seriousness of today’s threats, And by extension, driving demand with your leads and customers for cyber security and data protection solutions. Here’s a quick preview of just a few of the many tools available for our partners today. The Cyber Resilience Virtual Booth Experience. This 24/7 on demand platform takes your customers through an interactive journey about the many components of cybersecurity and data protection, and how to maximize their organization’s defense. Cobranded educational summits for end users. Invite your end users to a live event where they can hear from experts about the industry, threats, and practical steps they can take to improve the resilience of their cyber network and systems. And of course, you can take advantage of the multitude of perks that come with being a Carbonite and Webroot partner. If you’re interested in creating or growing your cyber revenue and getting some of the best support in the industry. Reach out to us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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Although it's too early to identify any measurable outcomes, Zelios Agency successfully delivered requirements. The team has been receptive to feedback with each milestone completed. Finally, the team has always ensured a 24-hour turnaround for revisions.
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