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Qlapse is a service that enables you to manage queues in your business operations without the need for specialized hardware. Our new solution will make your clients feel safer on-site while also preventing the virus from spreading.


Qlapse is a new product, and video played a significant role in recruiting new consumers. We researched the market and consumers and used this information to create a compelling screenplay from which artists created illustrations. The crucial element is that we created multiple versions of the video for each platform in order to attract users.

Our clients say about us

Alexey Bohdanovskiy
Founder, Qlapse
star star star star star
I'm the founder of the website qlapse.com. We are developing a service for small businesses that automates queues. The pricing was the most important consideration for us. However, because we have minimal room for error, we wanted to choose the best alternative for our budget. Working without compensation was a deciding factor. Zelios' customer service was outstanding. The team put my ideas into action and demonstrated good communication abilities with the client.
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