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As a design agency, Benchmark accompany our clients since 2012 to outstanding brand design. Benchmark creates successful brands with branding, corporate identity & corporate design.


Needed extracts their portfolio into a showreel that animates and distills their work into 60sec video. Choose the right music that will be impressed with the video. Organizing a full-cycle project and generating ideas for animating each scene

Our clients say about us

Pascal Gabriel
CEO, Benchmark
star star star star star
Great job distilling projects into one big portfolio animation. Lots of content pieces from music to transitions on the beat of individually chosen music. Every piece is made one by one, so this is a huge job for this price and for the value you get. These guys could charge double the price and use double the time, and it would be worth it. The quality itself depends on the price and time and there might be improvement for charging more and using more time, but the rest depends on the project files and accuracy of description you have to deliver for them to work with. So there is some work on your side to get a great video back. But if you do properly, this is a great service.
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