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Product Explainer Videos: Everything You Need to Know about

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In this article, you are going to discover the qualities and benefits of a product video so that you incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

What Is a Product Explainer Video?

What Is a Product Explainer Video?

A product explainer is a short video that breaks down complex concepts and processes so that every user can understand them. When it comes to businesses, the animated product video has become very popular for the easy and fun representation of the brand’s products or services.
In reality, this type of video content creates a compelling story to showcase all the elements that make the company what it is. Great storytelling is often the marketing strategy that makes a company reach the right audience.

The Qualities of a Great Product Explainer

Every company needs a different type of animated product explainer video, depending on its industry. However, there are some qualities with universal application. The most essential elements of such a video are the following:

#1 It Is a Short Video

No matter the industry and type of product, the explainer video is always short. In more detail, the product explainer should not exceed the three minutes in duration.

#2 It Is of High Quality

Another must-have for the animated product video is an animation of high quality. This applies to both 2D and 3D animation as quality will affect the overall feel of the video.

#3 It Has a Problem-Solving Approach

What brings a product explanation video apart from other types of video content is that it tries to solve a problem. Through the explanation, users will understand that this product will make their life easier by bringing them the solution they have been looking for.

What Are Its Benefits for Your Business?

What Are Its Benefits for Your Business?
Now that you understand what this video content is, it is time to discover what advantages it will bring to your business. The main benefits that you will gain by incorporating this content into your website are the following:

#1 It Offers an Overview of Your Business

With the short product explainer video, you can present your company and your product to your website visitors in just a couple of minutes. This way, you can rest assured that users will understand your message, vision, and philosophy.

#2 It Is an Engaging Type of Content

Videos are the most consumed type of content on the Internet today. Therefore, by presenting your products in this way, you have a higher chance of keeping your audience engaged. This strategy will boost your brand awareness, which will boost your sales in the long run.

#3 It Is Extremely Shareable

When creating content for your website, it is important to take into consideration its shareability. With the rise of social media, users will decide to share any content that seems interesting and informative. It’s no wonder that the animated product explainer video is a type that can easily go viral.

#4 It Contributes to Higher Conversion Rate

The animated product video is a thorough explanation of all the features of a product. For this reason, it gives your audience all the incentives they need to make the purchase and be converted to your customers. Of course, the explainer visual content must also include a strong call-to-action (CTA) that will give a little push to every user watching it.

In Conclusion

The product explainer video is a visual element that you need to add to your website when you want to boost your business. A short animated video will show professionalism, while also offering something of value to your prospective clients. Contact Zelios to learn more about this distinctive type of content and what you need to do to make your dreams become a reality.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

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