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How Long Does It Take to Make a 1-Minute Explainer Video?

Mayokun Enoch
1-Minute Explainer Video

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With explainer videos, many businesses are putting their names up on the map daily. Read on below to find out if you must wait too long to reap similar benefits for your brand.

Are you interested in making an explainer video for your brand? Then, you’re not the only one. These catchy short clips have become a significant attraction in online marketing media. According to Elite Content Marketer, 66% of customers prefer watching a short video to understand how a product or service works. And this works because video content has a 1200% higher conversion success rate than other content options.

Explainer videos owe their success to their flexible capacity to deliver numerous perks at a go. They’re great for breaking down complex topics while promoting the product or service’s best features to viewers and pushing SEO and traffic number to the roof. No wonder many companies and businesses jump at purchasing explainer video services for their brands. But if you’re unfamiliar with the terrain, you may be discouraged about the time frame it takes for them to be created.

Why Keep Explainer Videos at One Minute?

Most companies prefer to make 1-minute explainer videos for their products and services; over time, these types have become more popular among competitors. But what makes 1-minute explainer videos preferable, and why should you consider them for your brand?

  1. Brevity – Because millions of content flood the internet every minute, you want to make your video doesn’t infringe too much viewer time. Today’s language is short and precise, and the best explainer videos deliver the message or purpose as briefly as possible.
  2. Illustrative – Keeping an explainer video at the 1-minute mark gives you more chances to tell less and show more. This means you can use illustrations, stills, clips, and pop-up texts to express the video’s mission in a compelling manner that keeps the audience immersed.
  3. Quick Sharing – Their short duration means these smaller clips can be attached to a broader range of promotional media; social media ads, webpages, in-app ads, landing pages, blogs, newsletters, and shareable links. This allows your explainer video to spread faster, fetching your brand a higher SEO and traffic boost.

Factors that Affect Ready Time for 1-Minute Explainer Videos

The production speed for a 1-minute explainer video depends on numerous factors, meaning different projects will come out at other times. And before committing to making one, it helps to understand how each element affects your waiting period.

  • The Concept – The more complex the video concept, the longer it will take to be ready. While simple ideas can be easily interpreted, complex ones may need more comprehensive research and plot time.
  • The Video Style – Live-action explainer videos take a shorter time to create than animated ones. And even at that, some may need longer production time than others, especially if it’s dialogue or improv-heavy.
  • The Animation Style- If you’re dealing with animated explainer videos, know that 2D projects render faster than 3D ones. And while whiteboard and infographic-style animations remain some of the fastest, others, like stop-motion, Claymation need more extended time for illustration, storyboarding, and design.
  • The Quality – Cheaper explainer videos are quickly done, but most times, at the expense of quality. High-quality explainer videos can be finished promptly, provided you can afford the big budget its urgency commands. And if you want high quality at a lower price, you might have to wait a long time.
  • Customisations and Revisions – The more customisations your explainer videos carry in text, animation design, or soundtrack, the longer it will take to finish. Also, as you make more revisions and edits, you extend its delivery time.
  • The Creator’s Expertise – Most reputable explainer video production agencies and houses deliver your project faster than freelancers and smaller studios. A significant reason is that they tend to house a larger crew of professionals, handling every aspect of the production without delay.

With that said, we can still estimate a general completion time for 60-second explainer videos. Most animated options usually take 6 to 12 days, depending on the agency and whether or not the storyboard artist needs extra time for illustrations.

As for live-action explainer videos, the waiting time rests on the expertise of the production house, but most times, it’s usually shorter than animated ones, about 4 to 10 days. In most cases, though, many production houses use the same waiting time as expected for playful explainer video projects to ensure the final draft is superior.

Where to Get One-Minute Explainer Videos?

As previously mentioned, explainer videos can be obtained from freelancers, small studios and large production agencies. But as each level charges different rates, so does their quality of service differ. For the best deliveries in explainer video services, opt for a production studio like Zelios Agency, where you can always get the best experts working on your concepts. And because they’re a more prominent hub, your projects are delivered faster, at the highest quality and satisfaction.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

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