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How to grow your startup with video content: tips&tricks

Mayokun Enoch

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Why Is It Crucial for New Businesses to Use Video Marketing?

In strategies to succeed, startups must use video marketing. Most of us are visual learners because our brains prioritize visual information above other types of sensory input. Customers are more likely to remember images than words.

Seeing this trend early on, businesses began implementing video marketing strategies. For businesses, videos are a must-have in “results or die” scenarios.

It’s also important to remember that videos are still the most popular and engaging type of online content. The time to start exposing your brand through video content is now, as all social networks are changing their video promotion algorithms. Hire a reputable company to produce your video and then learn everything you can about the video production process so that you can speak the same language as your contractors to jumpstart your collaboration with the marketing department on the promotion of show reels and explainers.

What should you do before video-content creation

Concentrate on the Audience

You need a clear strategy and an awareness of your audience for it to succeed. Your interest in the consumer, rather than your enthusiasm, is what attracts new ones. If you know what to expect from your audience, you’ll have greater leeway in creating videos.

Before beginning production on your video, you must first choose who you want to watch it. Understanding the types of online platforms your intended audience uses is essential. It’s important to know why you’re playing the video.

Finding Your Intended Viewers

If you follow the guidelines below, you should have no trouble zeroing down on your ideal clientele:

  1. Make a customer persona board.
  2. Write down the names of your current clientele
  3. Have a look at how they spend their time and what they like to do.
  4. Investigate the subcultures that make up your niche

Choose the appropriate length for your video

A video’s success increases up as its length increases. More people will watch and interact with short videos than lengthier ones.

Between 2019 and 2021, Statista saw an increase in the number of people who regularly watched short videos online; by 2025, they predict that figure will have risen to 650 million.

Call to action

In addition to feeling a specific way after seeing one of your videos, the viewer should be motivated to take some type of action in response (buy, send, share, participate, etc.).

Divide your requests for action into:

  1. Verbal
    Carefully jot down all the text that will be written or said by the speaker in the video, as it will be presented verbally. Put your marketing skills by making sure your material seems natural and exudes self-assurance in the eyes of your right target group.
  2. Non-verbal
    Elements like color, setting, actor/actress wardrobe, and music/sound effects. Use it all to complement and enhance the meaning of what is being said.

How to distribute your video content and achieve new business goals

Connect with Potential Customers on YouTube

With over 1.3 billion monthly visitors, YouTube is sure to have at least some of your target audience. An average of five billion video views are made on YouTube every single day. We reccomed you to use videos as a means of telling your story. Viewers are more likely to become invested in a video on an emotional level if it contains moving images, sound, and music.

YouTube should be viewed as an extension of your marketing strategy. Determine which blogs are getting lots of views via Google Analytics, and then make films on those themes to upload to YouTube. Create a product tutorial series as an option. Video marketing equips you with powerful resources for connecting with a wide audience through narrative, expanding on trending blog themes, and providing comprehensive answers to commonly asked issues.

Social media promotion

In order to attract and keep users, social media platforms must offer compelling content. By using online video to promote your business, you may build a following of customers who will help you get the word out.

Video content for social media platforms can be personalized. While LinkedIn is more focused on business, Facebook users are looking for entertaining and informative videos that can be readily shared. Videos sent to Twitter should be up-to-date and funny, while those posted to Instagram tend to be visually stunning. Connecting your social media accounts is a great way to promote your videos to new audiences. Your startup’s visibility and exposure will increase as a result of this.

Use Facebook Live to show off your wares and host webinars

New businesses can use Facebook Live to broadcast live updates, tutorials, and content. Potential customers can be reached through live product demonstrations and webinars.  When shown on Facebook, live viewers are more involved in the action. By doing so, you can get in touch with potential clients and customers, expand your network, and increase sales. In the future, you can use Facebook Live to make announcements, give sneak peeks, conduct exclusive interviews, or host customer challenges. Using this method, you may create content for your video marketing campaigns and strengthen your connections with key players.

Videos for marketing via email

Videos are rarely used in email marketing, making them an effective attention-getter. Video in an email subject line increases clickthroughs. Short videos that can be edited together into a longer story would be ideal for use in startups. Test out video email before committing to a larger campaign. Be sure to end on a call to action and promote sharing.


There are several ways in which creating high-quality videos can speed up the growth of your business. Once your company is up and going, you must build a large number of high-quality video products and promote them regularly through many channels. In today’s visually-focused economy, investing in high-production-value movies is simpler than ever thanks to the wealth of online resources available to you.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

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