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How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Investor Pitch by 30%

Mayokun Enoch

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Running a business or service requires funding and pulling potential customers. And an investor’s pitch is one ideal way to get this attention. But not everyone accomplishes the goal their pitch was designed to get them, mainly because they’re doing it wrong or missing some crucial elements. It’s seriously competitive; only 1 out of 400 investment pitches are funded by angel investors, according to Dennis Tracz!

So, you need to find an effective way to push your investor pitch above the crowd. And here, we’ve combined a list of hints to help you boost your investor’s pitch by 30%. This list includes ideas most people glance over or ignore, but never know work wonders.

Do Your Research

There’s nothing more daunting than a pitch based on unconfirmed or sketchy information. This can ruin your chances of getting considered from the start. You shouldn’t just focus on your value proposition alone; also include information that satisfies investors’ needs, how your product solves the customer’s problems, how it will successfully compete, and every other detail you’re sure the investor needs to hear about.

Fix an Appointment

Remember you’re pitching to people, and it won’t be right to pitch without their permission. You also want them relaxed and ready to assimilate all you’ll feed them. So, ensure to call first so they give you an appointment. When you show up, show up ready and early, so you don’t bite beyond your given duration. During the pitch, try to relate with the listeners, as it shows you’re empathic and emotionally intelligent.

Be a Storyteller

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE loves a good story because they awaken your emotions. And the study shows that 90% of decisions are based on emotions. Your good story must be filled with suspense and excitement, but note that it should also tally with what you’re pitching to the listeners. It’s a strategy even the marketing world has harnessed today; with the majority placing more of them placing greater emphasis on it than B2B marketers.

So, consider using personal experiences, customer testimonies, relatable quotes, and tales about expected major milestones in your pitch. But remember to also read the room (use the proper body language; watch your voice pitch, tempo, and tone.

Use Videos

Nothing beats a visual rendition of the idea you’re pitching, so when creating your investor’s pitch, remember to add video details. And video has been proven to be an effective media tool for convincing people. It could be an emotional compilation that sells your product or service’s needs. It could also be testimonies from satisfied clients, a documentary of how you began, a 3D projection of facts and figures, or anything related to the pitch.

Videos are the best ways to sell an idea to anyone, and that includes potential investors. They leave a lasting impression, while also allowing the chance to be brief about your pitch.

Be Brief but Thorough

Learn to find the perfect balance between being detailed and being brief. A richly compiled investor’s pitch may drag for too long, while a super short one may not be thorough. Remove the jargon and lengthy explanations and replace them with videos, graphics, and charts. Use bullet points, photos, and lists. Also, don’t forget the contact information for the investors to reach you!

It’s also important to note the most crucial elements to include in your investor pitch. For instance, the Slidebean study shows that 58% of successful pitch decks contained a financials slide. Further analysis by TechCrunch also reveals that most investors spend more time on three sections of your pitch deck;

    • Financials
    • Competition
    • and Team

So, it helps to consider these tips when creating your next pitch deck.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

You don’t want to reach the podium only to space out or forget how to talk on stage. Practice your prepared pitch time and again till it becomes a second language. If your problem is addressing people, practice with someone close to you, like a colleague, a mentor, or even a former boss. The more you address the details of your pitch, the more familiar you grow with it and become accustomed to the idea of talking in front of strangers.

Ooze Confidence

The best investor pitch in the world can be ruined by an uncertain voice. Investors can read your reluctance or nervousness for shiftiness, or assume your product may perhaps not be as impressive as you say. Displaying a strong level of confidence boosts your morale and sells your product’s viability. Plus it tells investors that their money’s in the hands of someone who wouldn’t buckle at slight pressure.

Prepare for Skepticism

No matter how spectacular your pitch deck may be, someone in the investor seat will come with a needle to poke holes. It helps to first identify the possible places where this can be done, then clog them before your pitch date. But even if you’re certain your proposal is bulletproof, remember to prepare for some criticism. So, have a backup plan on how to answer such questions, like promising to get back to them, or giving honest answers, even if it’s telling them you don’t have an answer for that yet.

Do Follow-Ups

Follow-ups are underrated but significant; a fact is proven by these numbers in customer service alone;

So imagine how they’ll work on your pitch.
Try a Thank-You note days after the pitch; it shows gratitude for the time you were given and serves as a reminder. Keep in touch with potential investors through updates about your brand or company, event invitations, and further developments.

Also, request feedback, as it shows you’re open to improvement and constructive criticism. If you can, bring up a problem you can help the potential investor to solve, and offer to do so. And regardless of how the pitch is taken, always stay in touch with whomever you’ve pitched to, so a future opportunity to work together is maintained.

The Bottom Line

Anyone can conjure an investor pitch, but it takes an expert to create a successful one. And with the information we’ve given above, you’re sure to create for yourself one heck of a masterpiece. Remember to include videos in your pitch deck as they offer stunning visual convictions about your proposals. Plus, they’re flexible, brief, and easy to use, making the assimilation process much faster for potential clients or investors.

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