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Does creating an explainer video for a mobile app help?

Yes, they do! A mobile app explainer video shoves pages of instructions into one short, precise, and entertaining clip for all users. And because of their fleeting nature, you can get the selling points of your mobile app across faster and on any platform. Plus, a mobile app video uses the most straightforward language to explain complex terms, expanding your potential customer base.

How much is an application explainer video?

A mobile app promo video is valued based on the duration, which varies with each client. But a detailed price breakdown with the services is listed below:

Also, the price is extensive to all areas of explainer video for mobile app, including whiteboard, 2D, 3D, Andriod, and iOS.

What do I need to make an order?

You can order our mobile app explainer services by clicking on the “App Explainer Video” options in the service menu. Then, choose from any options desired, tell us the video duration, and get a price estimate. Once you click ”Get Started”, your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number will be requested. You can also “Schedule a Call” with our experts, select from our list of explainer videos for mobile apps, or click “Get an Estimate” and take a quiz to determine the right type of ideas for your marketing.

Explainer video for a mobile app - worth it?

The simple answer is absolute! App explanation videos feature cross-platform instructions, allowing users from all aspects to maneuver your applications easily. Its simple guidelines also mean users spend less time reading and more time downloading, which boosts your app store charts. Plus, their attractive color designs, catchy animations, and exciting voice-overs give potential users an enjoyable experience that relates directly to your marketed mobile app.

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