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How to order a showreel video? What do I need to do?

You can order our showreel video production services by clicking on the “Showreel Video” option in the service menu.
Then, choose from any of the desired options and indicate how long the video must be given a price. Once you click ”Get Started”, your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number will be requested. You can also “Schedule a Call” to speak with our video production team and get creative showreel portfolios or click “Get an Estimate” and take a quiz to determine the right type of ideas for your marketing.

How long does it take to create a showreel video?

Showreel videos mostly take less than ten days to complete, but the waiting period also depends on the type and length of the video requested. But our production team runs the planning process with every client to fashion a production schedule that works with your time frame. Our showreel video specialists also consider your branding when suggesting video lengths, as various companies work best when using a specific video length for their online promos.

How much does it cost for showreel video production?

The price of our showreel services depends on what a client desires;
30 seconds is best for an advertising showreel, 60 seconds is excellent for marketing showreel pinned social media videos, while the 90-second video showreel is excellent for landing pages. And all our services are etched in less than professional production, ensuring every client is optimally satisfied.

What are the types of showreels you do?

Zelios offers an exciting range of options as a showreel video production company. Our showreel productions include the following options for all clients to consider;

  • Showreel for a Creative Agency; designed to pull lots of customers to your brand,
  • Showreel for a Digital Marketing Agency, which also features Expense Portfolio presentation,
  • Showreel for Graphic Design Agency, where your brand’s complexities are easily explained, and
  • Showreel for Web Agency, which shares your agency’s excellence through case displays.

Our showreel editing services are planned to suit all social media platforms, allowing you to spread your awareness however you please. You can also request a meeting with our showreel video specialists to express your desires best. We also specialise in portfolio showreels featuring masterful videography, company showreels to sell your brand best, production showreels, and corporate showreel videos. And our professional showreel editors give special attention to your needs, ensuring spectacular, captivating final results.

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