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What do video production services by Zelios include?

Video production services by Zelios include promotional brand videos and overview videos. Promotional brand videos are designed to boost and monetise your brand’s positive identity using cooperate goals and ideas to create viral visual content. And overview videos feature a deep, comprehensive, and detailed introduction of your brand to potential customers. It combines attractive aesthetics with your brand’s core objectives to create sensual content that stimulates users’ interest.

What does a video production company do?

A video production company creates content that matches its clients’ marketing strategies. Their client list can span from individuals to startups and multi-billion-dollar firms. Such companies create marketing materials, including online ads, commercials, training videos, corporate videos, and product showcases. At Zelios, our top-class video production services offer unique animated promotional video content and video for business.

Why is video production important for your business?

With the video production service from Zelios, you can expose your brand’s identity to a broader audience using simple yet catchy content. Through our viral business video content, your product’s visibility is guaranteed. And because video production gives a more profound, interactive insight into your services, it helps potential customers reach a quicker decision about your brand’s offerings. Also, spinning your sales pitches around captivating stories awakens a robust emotional response from viewers and creates a stronger bond of trust and relationship between them and your brand.

How much should I charge for a 1, 3, 5 min video?

Pricing depends on video complexity and length, animation type, and other client requirements. See the list below for more information:

We also offer various price ranges for videos beyond two minutes, which we’ll be happy to share. Send an email through our contact page, and one of our experts will be happy to reply to your queries on costs.

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