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Animated Educational App Explainer

Motion graphics is the best way to explain how your educational app will help to improve the structure, format, and learning capabilities of the schooling, business, or group of students. An explanation of what you provide or how your app solves common problems in education creates a good promotional tool to grow your user base.


Top Educational App Videos

Our agency has worked on orders ranging from B2B apps to corporate educational services and engaging content for kindergartners. We are happy to work with production teams still in development by using all types of video tools like animations, whiteboards, 2D, and 3D illustrations, or any other ideas you may have to deliver a solid marketing tool.

Educational Application Explainer Brief Process


Out-of-the-box concept of design in which all opinions and proposals are equally taken into account to convey your message in the best way.

Script Writing

Writing a fascinating script that touches on all the important points of information your video will convey.


Using the services of highly-talented voice-over artists to convey your message in the language your audience speaks.


Designing engaging and attractive visual representations of each action point of your explainer video.


Adding colors, movements, depth, and scale to your fantastic video by our expert animators and artists.

Animation & Sound Effects

Bringing the whole project together into a smooth and engaging video project for your review.

Best Educational app Video

Slack – Animation Explainer video

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Animated Explainer NFT Certhis

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Mango 3 – Animated Explainer for WEB 3

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Alex Mitrofanov
Co-Founder, DESA NINJA
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Although it's too early to identify any measurable outcomes, Zelios Agency successfully delivered requirements. The team has been receptive to feedback with each milestone completed. Finally, the team has always ensured a 24-hour turnaround for revisions.
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Stas Charadnik
Individual entrepreneur
star star star star star
Thanks to Zeilos Agency's engagement, the video was presented in Zoom successfully in a timely manner. As a result, the end client was delighted with the outcome of the video and posted it on the social media platform. The team was flexible and prompt to any adjustments in the project development.
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Find the right type of video
to meet your marketing needs

starts at $ 900

Our most affordable price includes details about your company and what solutions and values your educational app offers to your users. Our designers work hard to make every explainer video a great success.

  • Brainstorm
  • Gathering Materials
  • First Draft
  • Completed Showreel
starts at $ 1800

More time for your explainer video allows us to use reviews, social media, and agency details to better showcase how your app helps users. It leads to increased sales of your app and is excellent value for money.

  • Brainstorm
  • Script Writing
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects
starts at $ 2600

When you have a complicated explanation for your upcoming educational app, use our longest format to get your features and points across to your audience. This is the perfect length for fitting on a landing page or posting on YouTube to increase potential interest.

  • Brainstorm
  • Script Writing
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects

3 Benefits of an Educational App Explainer

Use Various Characters

If your app is targeted at a younger audience, our video makers can create engaging and vibrant characters, from a happy-go-lucky dog to a blue alien, to describe how your educational app increases their learning capabilities.

Make Classes More Entertaining

Some of our corporate clients use educational application explainers to instruct new team members on what they offer and how to reach more clients. Our videos are an exciting way to demonstrate your app's features and benefits to your team.

Showcase a Love of Learning

Visual media is one of the most popular methods to learn a new skill or spark an interest in a topic customers have never been exposed to before. We use abstract ideas and create easy-to-understand videos that encourage more engagement with your app.


Do you work with specific target age groups?

Our target audience may range from the youngest toddlers to grown adults learning a skill at home. We are happy to customize the tone and message of your video according to your app user.

How long should an explainer video for an educational app last?

The best runtime for an educational app explainer video is from 1 to 2 minutes. If it is longer than 2 minutes, the average number of views tends to fall by 20% on average.

What if my app is on multiple platforms?

Our explainer videos are designed to work across a lot of platforms, including iOS, Android, YouTube, social media, and any others you can imagine.

How long should an explainer video for an educational app be?

The best runtime for such a video is 90 seconds. This timeframe should be enough to tell about the app’s benefits, explain what users get by downloading it, and why your app is the one they should install

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