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E-Commerce Explainer Videos

The pandemic has ignited the online business world with millions of new companies and products being offered all across the Internet. This is an excellent opportunity for your new business to get off the ground with custom eCommerce animation services by a leading production agency with years of experience in a broad target market.


Engaging Content to Elevate Your Products

Our company has considerable experience and services best suited to demonstrate the features of your product. Our animation eCommerce marketing allows you to bring your product into the homes and mobile devices of shoppers worldwide. When you get one of our animated explainer videos, you will gain a promotional tool that is at the top of the ROI equation.

The Stages of Work


Out-of-the-box concept of design in which all opinions and proposals are equally taken into account to convey your message.


Crafting a highly engaging script that touches on all the significant points of information your video will convey.


Using the services of highly-talented voice-over artists to convey your message in the language your audience understands.


Designing engaging and attractive visual representations of each action point of your explainer video.


Adding colors, movements, depth, and scale to your fantastic video by our expert animators and artists.

Animation & Sound Effects

Bringing the whole project together into a smooth and engaging video project for your review.

Best Explainer Video for E-commerce

Carbonite 2D Explainer Video

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Ccleaner Explainer

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Animated Explainer video Qlapse

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Our clients say about us

Alex Mitrofanov
Co-Founder, DESA NINJA
star star star star star
Although it's too early to identify any measurable outcomes, Zelios Agency successfully delivered requirements. The team has been receptive to feedback with each milestone completed. Finally, the team has always ensured a 24-hour turnaround for revisions.
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Stas Charadnik
Individual entrepreneur
star star star star star
Thanks to Zeilos Agency's engagement, the video was presented in Zoom successfully in a timely manner. As a result, the end client was delighted with the outcome of the video and posted it on the social media platform. The team was flexible and prompt to any adjustments in the project development.
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Find the right type of video
to meet your marketing needs

starts at $ 900

We will showcase a lot of features, benefits, and details of your product in a way that engages your target audience and boost your sales in the digital world.

  • Brainstorm
  • Gathering materials
  • First draft
  • Completed showreel
starts at $ 1800

With more time, we will be able to build a brand image that will stir the emotional response among your target audience and end with a higher converting CTA, so you will get more engagement and sales.

  • Brainstorm
  • Script Creation
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects
starts at $ 2600

A high-quality eCommerce animated video builds a trustworthy relationship with the target audience because it lets you clearly define what problems you solve and how you best meet your customer’s demands. This leads to stronger emotional bonds and better customer retention.

  • Brainstorm
  • Script Creation
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects

Three benefits of Animated E-Commerce Videos

Rapid Viral Sharing

Our storytelling techniques and aesthetically pleasing animated design allow your eCommerce explainer videos to be shared all over social media and beyond. This amplifies your marketing potential and spreads the potential market penetration at an affordable price.

Build Trust

A high-quality eCommerce animation builds trust with your target market because it lets you clearly define what problem you solve and how you best meet your customer’s demands. This leads to stronger emotional bonds and better customer retention. 

Improve Your SEO

Google and other search engines love videos. When you add an eCommerce explainer video on your main page, you tell search engines you mean business! This helps to boost your organic page ranking and enables you to build reputable backlinks that lead back to your video and, in turn, the main page.


Is this really cost-effective for my brand? 

Yes! Not only do you save money on paid advertising campaigns, but you also save time trying to recreate captivating ads through marketing channels. Our unique explainers offer highly engaging content your leads will love.

Is there an optimal length we should shoot for? 

It depends a lot on the type of eCommerce product you market. If you have something new to the market, you may want a longer video so that you will be able to demonstrate your product or service to the full extent.

What is the biggest advantage of eCommerce animated videos? 

You show the benefits of your product to your potential customers, not just tell them about it. Anyone can talk about why they think their product is great, but you get to demonstrate its advantages.

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