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Professional Trading App Explainer Video

The world of online trading requires close attention to everything from B2B sales to the purchase of shares at an affordable price. Our custom explainer videos showcase what unique value proposition your app offers and help users to understand trading, take full advantage of market reviews, and get detailed company information needed for the decision-making process.


Digital Trading App Video

Our video production agency leverages everything from a whiteboard, 3D, 2D, and motion graphics to provide you and your team with a high-quality trading application video. No matter if you work with corporate clients or market your new app to individuals who need a brief explanation of how to use your tech to get the most out of different trading platforms, our agency has a cost-effective solution.

Trading App Explainer Video Development Process


Out-of-the-box concept of design in which all opinions and proposals are equally taken into account to convey your message in the best way.

Script Writing

Writing a fascinating script that touches on all the important points of information your video will convey.


Using the services of highly-talented voice-over artists to convey your message in the language your audience speaks.


Designing engaging and attractive visual representations of each action point of your explainer video.


Adding colors, movements, depth, and scale to your fantastic video by our expert animators and artists.

Animation & Sound Effects

Bringing the whole project together into a smooth and engaging video project for your review.

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Find the right type of video
to meet your marketing needs

starts at $ 900

We take advantage of the precious seconds available to convey your app's message using illustrated media that will make your services clear using simple explanations. Our video production team will help you stir up interest with the best marketing solution — a trading app explainer video. 

  • Brainstorm
  • Gathering Materials
  • First Draft
  • Completed Showreel
starts at $ 1800

Having this length under our control, we are able to help users of your trading app make sense of why you've created the app and what problems it solves. This way, it will improve your business's brand and provide you with excellent promotional material for social media marketing.

  • Brainstorm
  • Script Writing
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects
starts at $ 2600

With our longer videos, our agency is able to design a captivating story behind your app’s creation and demonstrate how every feature brings value to people looking to get into trading or who want to order more services via your app.

  • Brainstorm
  • Script Writing
  • Voice-Over
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animation & Sound Effects

3 Benefits of a Trading App Explainer

Solve the Learning Curve

A good number of customers do not understand what trading is and how to get started. With one simple explainer video, we can bridge the gap between all platforms, from commodities to blue chips to futures. 

Increase Attention & Investors

Investors want to be confident that their money goes to a program that will generate the most profit with the least risk. That is why using our services is a great way to provide the information in a visual format that is aimed to reduce confusion.

Get Past the Terminology

We have scriptwriters and voice-over actors that know how to simplify the language for your trading app so you can target a broader audience. Explainer videos use animation to easily relate terms to concepts without going into details for newcomers in the trading world.


Do you work only with digital marketing trade? 

We are open to all forms of trading apps and services. Our previous clients have ranged from mutual funds spread over different index reports to leveraging currency arbitrage. Our team knows how to get to the roots of what your app does and deliver a video aligned with your business model.

What is the average price for an explainer video for a trading app?

The price depends on the video length and the task complexity. On average, a video explainer for a trading app costs USD 900.

Can you explain regulatory needs?

Yes! We are happy to explain specific regulations, local legal situations, and other oversight concerns to your audience before you launch your trading app.

What about digital currency trading explainer videos?

Our team works with clients in the crypto and blockchain-built market and can provide you with an explainer video that targets those who want to get more involved in the digital currency space. From NFTs to token generation, we’ve got you covered.

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