Viktoria Rapatska

3D Motion Designer

With her unique visual style and fast delivery, Viktoria Rapatska is definitely a top-notch 3D motion designer. She applies her eye for detail to all aspects of her work – from initial design concepts to final delivery. Besides, whether it is a commercial or corporate video, she always manages to go beyond the client’s expectations as she works hard to achieve the best quality possible.

Her love of 3D design is perfectly combined with her eagerness to continuously develop her skills. That is why she brings her passion to life with amazing talent! Viktoria is both skilled and passionate about her work which can be seen in the quality of her final product.

What is more, she often participates in brainstorming sessions with clients and works efficiently to execute their vision. All the above-mentioned points make her an integral member of Zelios’ team where she plays a substantial role in providing our clients with worthwhile projects.


The Shawshank Redemption
Red Notice
Lords of Scam
Kill Bill
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