2D motion Designer

Known as a “frame-by-frame fanatic”, Volodymyr found himself in the wide world of 2D motion design. His profound absorption into his business wholeheartedly results in the elevation of even the most simple video to a whole new level. But most importantly, this natural talent and interest are only growing stronger over time.

As we know, one of the best traits of a motion designer is to be detailed oriented. Here, we’ve got straight to the point! Volodymyr’s passion for detail is legendary among the team in the office so it’s no wonder we rely on him to complete many of the tasks that most people tend to overlook.

This instinctive ability to focus on every little detail is what makes him such a valuable asset. He truly cares about what he is doing! There are countless examples that showcase Volodymyr’s talents; however, something about this talent expression is so captivating that it leaves you wanting to come back for more.

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