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Top 20 best animated explainer videos

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We have selected amazing examples of the best creative and innovative explainer, animated, and best live-action explainer videos for your inspiration

What is an explainer video?

The best explainer videos present a company’s products or services in a brief manner. They can be focused on a single component of your organization, or they can be a comprehensive review of your entire operation:

  • You might use them to introduce a brand-new service or provide a history of your company;
  • Telling a story using an explainer video can be done in many different ways. Illustrations of humans in exciting color combinations and animations are a current trend in storytelling. If whiteboard explanations were popular a few years ago, live-action and moving visuals have been on the rise recently;
  • However, motion graphics are here to stay and will continue to be used for a long time to come. Color palettes and design styles are liable to undergo certain adjustments. In certain circumstances, explainer videos are produced by brands that take a novel approach.

Just look at the animation, voiceover, script, and numerous other extras in these videos! How can the viewer remain indifferent after viewing?


AgentGo is a service used by real estate brokers to boost the effectiveness of their advertising and attract customers. It is a fantastic marketing aid that eliminates the need to spend hours creating advertisements.

You can see a visual concept of the reel with bright animation, which convinces of the effectiveness of using the platform for launching advertising campaigns, getting leads, and successfully closing deals.


Among the best saas explainer videos, this clip takes its rightful place. This company guarantees its customer’s online security through a smart identity authentication system. The advantages of employing their internet security system are shown in this video.


The company uses professional technology to recycle automotive parts to reduce the impact on the environment. This is a very interesting project, which required an in-depth study of the niche to explain the value of the company and its solution to a very pressing problem – the preservation of the environment.


Qlapse is a service that enables you to manage queues in your business operations without specific equipment.

In the video, you see that clients are presented with a non-standard, but very necessary product that solves the problem that everyone faces in the modern world – the queues. This new device is a system for automating queues that significantly enhances the customer experience.


The introduction Ccleaner’s revolutionary new product.  The animated film’s makers labored hard to create a cool storyline, a clear plot, and stunning visuals.


This video perfectly exposes the importance of cybersecurity, data protection among customers, and the benefits of working with Carbonite and Webroot.


The video presents the company in an inspiring manner, with an emphasis on aesthetically pleasing and emotionally powerful animation sequences.


Using exciting motion visuals and excellent audio and melody, the animated instructional film clearly demonstrates how the instrument works.

Litmus email previews

Video shows how email super ninjas can see exactly how their marketing emails will appear on all platforms and browsers before they send.

Crazy Egg

This explanatory film features one character engaging with several portions while narrating. The scene moves just enough to keep viewers’ attention. The character is funny and vintage-looking.

 Med Mart

This video explains the app’s features in detail. These 3D unique 3D animations help Med Mart simplify the arduous procedure of plastic surgery with their app.


Microsoft Azure

An informative and succinct film regarding Microsoft’s enterprise cloud offering.  Look how well the animation, transitions, and script were selected.



A very colorful and creative video that presents a common problem in today’s world – user data breaches and presents a solution to this problem thanks to CrowdSec.


The animated video prepared by PandaDoc shows how to implement an automated workflow and simplify the work with the docs. This is a great example of how to briefly and clearly explain what the service does, how it works, and what benefits it brings to the consumer.

Western Union

This film from the world of finance showcases brand-new capabilities. In less than two minutes, the video explains the immediate needs of viewers, as well as the solution and how it works. Using vibrant colors, an eye-catching palette, and dynamic motion, the company’s name is instantly recognized. The film explains how to build a payment strategy such that the user is at the center of financial activity.

Indeed by Panic Studio

Amazing level of detalization, excellent animation, interesting presentation, and script. After watching this video you will definitely write a good resume!

Stop Funding Overfishing

The increase in fishing and its impacts on the ocean are illustrated in a movie produced by Creamy Animation that shows a crucial global issue. Check out the proposed remedy to the issue. In addition to the video’s central message, the animators worked on transitions and chose an appropriate color scheme.

Aster Pharmacy

FlowInk Pictures reminded us of the significance of considering people’s needs and assisting them in solving significant issues. Particularly with regard to health. This video brings out the credibility of the company, doesn’t it?


A very well-designed two-minute animated explainer for Fonolo by Animation Explainers. The explainer begins with numerous challenges showing how unstructured customer service procedures may cause chaotic. Fonolo solves this problem. Background music and sound effects that matched the scenario made the story visually and aurally more engaging.


Of course, we can’t not include this video from Bloomberg on our list.The makers have been creative in their coverage of the company’s history. In addition to the company’s new inventions, the video explains their impact on the bottom line. Separately, you must accentuate the bright colors that grab attention and have a great influence on the video’s success.

Wrapping up

So, we’ve picked the best explainer video production companies, that do:

  • Best saas explainer videos
  • The best explainer videos
  • Creative explainer videos
  • Best live-action explainer videos

We are sure that after watching these videos you have already thought about creating such an impressive tool for your business!

Animated turnkey videos for your business
Animated turnkey videos for your business

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