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Шоуріл для Canny Creative

Шоуріл для Canny Creative



Canny - це креативне маркетингове агентство, яке допомагає компаніям та організаціям покращити свій бренд, присутність в Інтернеті та онлайн-комунікації. Canny надає комплексну маркетингову підтримку, дозволяючи компаніям розробити стратегічний, послідовний та цілісний підхід до онлайн- та офлайн-маркетингових кампаній.


Створіть двохвилинний шоуріл для агентства, наголосивши, чим ми займаємося; брендинг, веб-сайти, контент. Наприкінці проекту збираються всі файли, щоб клієнт міг використати шаблони всередині компанії. Інша річ, яка їм знадобиться (також надається окремо), - це анімована версія логотипу компанії, ймовірно, на цьому шоуріл закінчиться.

Сценарій та саундтрек

    The showreel should showcase a lot of our work, which can all be provided to you as vectors files or Photoshop files. We also have some existing animations to factor in. We need an animator to: 1) Create a 2 minute showreel for our agency, highlighting what it is we do; branding, websites, content At the end of the project, we would expect to receive all of the files, so we can use the templates in-house. The other thing we’ll need (also provided separately) is an animated version of the company logo, presumedly this would end the showreel. Similar showreels we like include; https://player.vimeo.com/video/340053018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjcIYTa924c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJH3rTq324M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8_o6QBSW8s It needs to be punchy, and a little bit gritty. Our new website is a little more “punky” than typical agencies. Screenshot attached. If you need any additional visual assets, we’d be happy to assist with that.

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    Tony Hardy
    Основатель, CEO
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    Компанія Zelios зробила промо-ролик для нашого проекту. У роботі з ними відразу кидається в очі професіоналізм. Все було зроблено на найвищому рівні! Я щиро здивований, як вони змогли передати нашу ідею за допомогою класного і насиченого відео. Спілкування та всі питання вирішувалися протягом години, навіть у неділю ввечері – дуже зручно працювати
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      CEO, project manager
      Vlad Baranov

      Vlad Baranov is a CEO and Project Manager at Zelios who has vast experience of working with a range of companies in the past and has led the creative sessions for project kick-offs. He has overseen several initiatives from their conception to their execution.

      He acts as a mentor to his team members and supervises the creative team of video designers, all the while bringing fresh, inventive, and demanding techniques of creative execution for all of the projects he works on.

      He is the most committed project manager who oversees their team around the clock and ensures that our clients are fully satisfied. He is in charge of all real-time feedback. His ultimate objective is to deliver high-quality content. Happy clients make him happy and he makes every effort to ensure that his clients are pleased and ready to come back for more!

      Solomia Gamuliak

      Solomia Gamuliak is an amazing illustrator for explainer videos. She is known for continuously pushing and inventing in her profession to successfully transform your inspiration into a finished product.

      The artist Solomia Gamuliak is an illustrator and animator artist who presently. Her perfect illustrations for video explainers are loved by us and clients equally.

      Known for being bold, vibrant, and extremely eye-catching, her illustration style serves as an inspiration to every motion designer working in the modern-day.

      Her work is characterized by thin edges and vibrant saturated colors, and she believes that her drawings, in particular, are sometimes little more than “corny jokes.”

      She is an artist that uses her imagination to produce unique drawings for a variety of printed and digital products. When it comes to transforming ideas and printed media into inspiring graphics, she collaborates closely with her clients and the marketing team of Zelios to ensure satisfaction and quality.

      Account Manager
      Alex Shabliy

      Alex’s excellent customer service skills make the job of the rest of the Zelios staff 50% simpler because he is so well-liked by clients and the team equally.

      His successful support account management does wonders for the clients, the firm, and the team. He handles escalations in a professional and timely manner.

      His sweet nature and extraordinary communication skills help establish trust between clients and our artists ensuring a smooth deal and successful client connection.

      He makes sure that clients receive the services they have requested in a timely manner by communicating client requirements and requests to the concerned artist.

      Alex is a gem that manages projects within the context of client relationships, striving to achieve client objectives while also achieving Zelios’ objectives.

      Graphic Designer
      Tania Kiyko

      A jewel in her industry, Tania Kiyko is not your typical daily graphic designer; she is a rare find. She enjoys illustrating visuals as well as creating graphic design work.

      There is no limit to what you can get made on by Tania. No matter if you need an amazing motion graphic design or some eye-catching video animation, her skills as a graphic designer can help you bring your imagination into reality. Zelios takes great pride in Tanya’s high-quality designer skills, who commits to providing only the highest quality graphic design services to her clients.

      She creates graphics that will make your imagination happy! Tania’s work as a graphic designer and illustrator has always made us at Zelios proud. Her designs bring life to the work.

      She not only uses illustrations and texts to create visual compositions but most importantly she focuses on solving her clients’ problems. When applied to a conventional canvas, her creative approach engages the viewer’s perception, resulting in incredible breaking points that are sure to get people talking.

      2D motion Designer
      Kolya Bahriy

      With so many professionals available, from graphic designers to web designers to user interface designers, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you want. Your initial point of contact, however, should be a motion design professional, as every firm worth its salt is profiting on the spike in demand for video content these days.

      Kolia Bahriy often called “frame-by-frame fanatic” at Zelios enjoys tuning an illustrator’s style and making it move. He mainly focuses on the variety of emotions the frames may express for advertising, explainer videos, Showreels, and logo animation.

      He is a specialist who works as a motion designer for showreels and explainer videos and is considered the boss in his work by bringing visual characteristics to life through animation.

      Simply said, he creates animated visuals! When it comes to Motion Graphics, his artwork and colorful visual effects elevate even the most simple video to a whole new level. He specializes in a wide range of media, including cinema, television, advertising, and digital content.

      3D Motion Designer
      Dima Kotyk

      With a strong sense of style, Dima creates work that is suitable for a wide range of applications, from commercials to short films to music videos to corporate video productions.

      He is a 3D Motion Graphics Designer at Zelios who is both creative and enthusiastic as a part of our dynamic and entertaining team. He develops custom explainer videos for our client’s digital initiatives. He is a team player who not only works autonomously but also collaborates closely with the rest of the team. In addition, with the ability to work fast while paying close attention to detail he maintains a high standard of quality and aesthetics as well.

      Dima ensures that he is involved in every phase of the process, from idea to storyboarding to animation, to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied.

      He collaborates with cross-functional teams at Zelios to create scripts, animations, and visual graphics for explainer videos by conceptualizing, visualizing, and storyboarding them into 2d motion.