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Video Advertising: Benefits, Efficiency, and 2023 Trends

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Video ads are one of the most popular advertising types, the efficiency of which has been proven in many aspects:

  • Much higher CPM;
  • Vast audience coverage;
  • High CTR – 1.84 % (by 2022 statistics);
  • Video content is much more memorable in comparison with other formats.

Moreover, in 2022, videos comprised about 82% of all internet traffic (data by Cisco). People spend over a billion hours watching videos on YouTube and download over 500 hours of content.

Thus, we can confidently say that video marketing is the most promising sphere in the industry. Multiple requests to see brand/company advertising or presentation videos from potential clients prove this point.

2023 Trends in Video Advertising

Vertical Videos

These videos look as if they have been shot with a phone in a 9:16 format. Ten years ago it would have been considered a disgrace; however, today they are all the craze. Ten-second stories or one-minute reels are very welcome, especially by young and solvent audiences. Add some interaction to increase target audience engagement.

Snack Videos and Storytelling

We are talking about short entertaining videos, aka “snack videos”. These are short clips, infographics, GIFs, carousels, stories, etc. Snack content is the reaction to the modern lifestyle. People make decisions faster and have access to huge masses of information; they watch more content than ever. Yet, the day still has only 24 hours and we need to pack there as much as possible. Undoubtedly, snack content is going to remain one of the hottest trends of 2023.

Marketplace Videos

Surprisingly, there weren’t any until recently. The times have changed, however, all because of the constantly growing number of online shoppers. Once you’ve tried it, it is hard to stop. Online shopping is now popular among all age groups, so don’t miss the chance to show your video ads on marketplaces and other online shopping platforms.

3D, Cyberpunk, and Interaction

Stylistics is the thing that connects all three. Very few video ads now come without gaming inserts or computer graphics. Today, animation is a huge cross-cultural layer and an encyclopedia of the worldwide evolution of artistic styles, 3D visualization, comics, and game design.

How to Start Making Use of Video Advertising Trends?

The crucial thing here is a quality video. It doesn’t really matter how long it is, or what style you used – it has to be made professionally. It makes sense to hire a production company that specializes in advertising and presentation videos. Zelios Agency is there to assist you in creating animated videos for your brand. We cover all the production stages; what you need to do is show us your product and share your vision of the future project. Our videos can be used for advertising and educational purposes as well as to promote and popularize your product on video services, social media, etc. They also work as video ads for mobile apps.

The Best Animated Videos for Marketing
The Best Animated Videos for Marketing

The advertising campaign efficiency mostly depends on the video quality. We create videos to suit any advertising strategy. Fill in the form and take the first step toward getting a quality video product for your ad campaign!

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