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Video in email marketing: how to use, tips, statistics, best practices

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Videos increase e-mail open rates by 19%, whereas click rates plummet by an impressive 65%. Such high engagement numbers speak volumes – it’s high time to use video in email marketing.

Videos give you the best opportunity to reach your audience. They help explain complex concepts, which appeals to users and creates the connections necessary to establish long-term loyalty. Using videos in email marketing can engage your clients like no other tool, especially when it comes to B2B where clients want to see interesting content but often don’t get it at all.

How to use video in email marketing so that it remains efficient and unintrusive? Let’s have a look at some video email marketing tips that leading marketers have been using to their advantage.


Tip number one: to make your email marketing as efficient as possible, make sure that the video autoplay is off. The vast majority of emails are viewed on mobile devices, which means that the message might be opened anywhere and at any time. Not everyone will see a loud autoplayed video as a pleasant surprise and your effort will go wasted.

Video after text

Videos wrongly placed in an email can distract users from the main message. For this reason, we recommend embedding them after the textual part. Remember – first comes the text.


If you have just started using videos in email marketing and social media, don’t forget to test how your audience reacts to the innovation. Send two versions of an email – one with an embedded video and the other with only a static image and text. This split test should help you detect the users’ reactions to your video marketing strategies.


Results of the best video email marketing campaigns suggest that these videos should be short – up to 60 seconds. Statistically, users spend no more than 10 seconds looking through advertising newsletters, so full-length feature films won’t be appreciated.

File size

The smaller, the better. As we have mentioned earlier, many users open emails on mobile devices which may not have sufficient download speed. The video should not buffer before the playback.

Be reasonable

Don’t include videos in your letters just for the sake of having a video there. Make sure that you have the right audience interested in watching them and that the clip adds value to the message. The best cases are event announcements, new product launches, exclusive interviews, etc.

How to make sure your emails are opened?

If we talk about emails containing videos, you should state “video” in the subject line. This way users know what to expect. Video email marketing statistics show that this simple action can increase the open rate by 6%.
The email body, in turn, needs to convey what exactly users get by watching the video:

  • Will they find out anything new?
  • How does it improve their lives?
  • Which problems might be solved?
  • Which questions will be answered?

And it goes without saying that you should stick to your promises. The email content should correspond to the message in the subject line. There is always a temptation to use controversial or clickbait headings to increase the open rates; however, such a strategy will inevitably lead to a sharp decline in click and conversion numbers. Be honest with your audience.

Which emails will benefit from videos?

We recommend using videos in the following cases:

  • Mailing lists;
  • Target emails;
  • Event invitations;
  • Follow-up letters;
  • Client communication;
  • Trigger emails;
  • Email signatures;
  • Newsletters.


Videos have the potential to boost email efficiency and using them in your campaigns can become of the best ways to increase marketing conversion rates. Videos intrigue the viewers and make this common marketing channel appealing and efficient.
You can use videos to report news, advertise events, explain your products, announce launches, and offer instructions. Use video email network marketing whenever you need to increase open and conversion rates.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

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