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How to Use Video to Enhance your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Videos are steadily finding their way into many brands’ marketing blueprints. Find out how best to use them for your social media campaigns, plus what you’ll need.

Over time, videos have become established as a sure way to capture maximum attention from the online community. With 82% of global traffic coming from video in 2022 plus a 93% consumer demand increase in video content in 2023, it’s safe to say social media and video marketing are made for each other. But how does a video marketing social media campaign benefit your business? And what tips do you need to add to your current and upcoming marketing plans?

How Does Video Enhance Your Marketing Statistics?

Video content is established as a powerful marketing tool, with over 86% of professionals using it in their campaigns every day! And why shouldn’t they, when they stand to gain these perks:

  • Improves SEO- Google SERPs favor pages with videos 53 times more than those without any. This means your brand’s pages will turn up on search engines and social media platform algorithms faster if it has more catchy clips.
  • Boosts Conversion and Sales- Even the laziest buyers are pushed to purchase by a social media marketing video. Now, imagine a short clip displaying a product or service online to millions of people every minute!
  • Increases Page Quality- A 2022 Sprout Social survey revealed that 66% of consumers found short-form videos most engaging on social media. This means more users look forward to brand pages posting quality videos rather than text.
  • Builds Trust- Using videos in email marketing and social media can emotionally capture the interest of potential customers.
  • Informs Faster- Because they’re easily shared and visually stimulating, videos deliver the intended information quicker and in a more engaging way than text.

How to Make Marketing Videos for Social Media

Video can be the next best thing for your social media marketing campaign, but you need certain steps to ensure it’s done right.

Create a Video Marketing Target

Different businesses choose video marketing techniques at different stages of their development, so you must first identify this point before using videos in social media marketing. Generally, you’ll be gunning for any of the following reasons;

  • To approach new customers,
  • To encourage conversion,
  • To stimulate demand,
  • To inform and educate customers, and
  • To inspire advocacy.

Note that sometimes your social media video marketing strategy may require all of these needs.

Creating a video marketing target allows you to fix each need at the appropriate stage, and decide which kind of content would be best for your brand’s marketing growth at each given period.

Choose Your Platform

Once your social media video marketing strategy goals have been set, the next thing is to choose the right platform for your campaign. Currently, the top social media sites for video marketing include TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. And each one excels best in certain situations.

Statistics reveal that at an average rate of 4.25%, TikTok remains the most engaging social media platform, compared to Instagram’s 0.60%. It’s also the perfect option for short-form videos driving awareness and conversion.

YouTube is marked with over 2 billion monthly-logged users and the potential to reach over 2.5 billion people. Data Reportal numbers reveal that more than one in five users watches YouTube videos online. And because social media marketing YouTube videos turn up frequently on Google’s SERPs, it stands as one of the most popular search engine platforms on the planet! This advantage makes it perfect for brand visibility campaigns (explainers, How-Tos, and many more corporate videos) and commonly-searched topic-related content.

Of course, every platform can also offer you staggering metrics depending on your brand’s personality. But note that different platforms work best for certain video formats.

Choose your Video Type and Format

This state in a social media video strategy requires two steps; the first is to know what kinds of video content you’re creating for your marketing brand and the second is which platform best works for the video format you’ve created. Video in social media marketing varies with each brand’s needs, so the production process differs. And knowing which works best with your set goals allows you to create an efficient marketing strategy.

The types of video in social media marketing include:

  • Entertaining- Videos made to amuse the audience in a language unique to your brand. They can include jokes, skits, memes, reaction videos, and even pranks.
  • Educational- Clips that inform the community about the brand’s numerous product facets. They could include tips, how-to, tutorials, and other videos that establish your dominance in your field.
  • Product-Focused- These videos for social media marketing showcase the best products and services. They could be unveiled, product in action clips, or any video that shows off your product or service’s unique functions.
  • Interviews- Videos that feature guests for discussions, putting your brand in a light of authenticity. They may feature sector experts, influencers, and any guest speaker that can captivate your community.
  • Narratives- Videos that tell captivating stories about your brand’s journey. They make great videos for social media marketing and can come as live-action, animation, documentary, or film style.
  • Explainer- These videos are like educational ones, except they solely focus on showing the audience how best to use your product or service. They’re usually concise with a strong CTA.
  • Testimonials- These marketing videos for social media give your product and service social validation through customer accounts of their user experiences.
  • BTS (Behind the Scenes)- Videos that give the audience a peek at how your brand operates in the background. They show company operations, production processes, and even testing procedures.

Each type of video for social media marketing has its specific function. But after they’re made, it helps to know which format works best for the platform you’re placing them on. Here are the numerous formats for the most popular social media platforms;

  • TikTok- Portrait feed video, stories, livestreams
  • YouTube- Livestreams, landscape videos, shorts, portrait video
  • Facebook- Livestreams, stories, landscape, and portrait feed videos
  • Twitter- Livestreams, portrait, and landscape video
  • Pinterest- Stories, portrait feed video
  • Instagram- Livestreams, stories, landscape, and portrait feed videos, short and long reels
  • LinkedIn- Livestreams, landscape feed video

Create a Content Production and Post-Production Plan

It’s important to understand that planning how you’re creating your videos helps you efficiently plan and allocate resources. It’s why you must state, in a properly structured schedule, how you’ll do it.

When making a video marketing for social media content production plan, you’ll need to note the following needs:

  • Scriptwriting and editing
  • Video storyboarding
  • Equipment and props
  • Shoot dates
  • Crew and cast
  • Locations
  • Video editing
  • Approval sign-off needs
  • Music selection and approval

Once production is handled, keep in mind that the post-production processes for video marketing on social media take a lot of work. That means depending on the video type and platform you’re using, you must master different processes like CTA screens, text overlays, tags, closed captions, hashtags, titles, multiple languages, detailed captions, and many more.

Publish, Promote, Study

Handling multiple videos is a lot of work, and can be eased if you use a publishing platform that uploads your videos at the stated time. Then, they must be pushed through promotion techniques like tagging users, sharing, and other options to capture attention. Also, scrutinizing social media video marketing statistics like views, shares, likes, dislikes, comments, and watch times helps you understand which type of videos work best for your audience.

Tools for Video Social Media Marketing

Running a video marketing campaign for social media means you’ll need to employ different tools at each stage. And here are some examples to consider;

  • Editing: iMovie and Filmora are good options to consider for great video quality enhancement and improvement. The latter has been used for some of the best social media marketing videos.
  • Animation: If you prefer a social media marketing animated video, then Vynod and VideoScribe offer great effects.
  • Hosting and Analytics: Wistia and Vimeo are perfect for platform optimization and also offer great analytics for scrutinizing each clip’s performance. Vimeo is famous for being a boosted marketing video maker for social media with accurate analytics.
  • Livestream: For professional-looking live stream videos, you can solicit Streamyard, or
  • Screenshare: For How-Tos, Tutorials, ad virtual interviews, Loom and Camtasia make excellent tools for featuring multiple participants in one video. Camtasia, for instance, is a social media marketing video maker common among beginners.
  • SEO: Tubebuddy is an ideal social media marketing video maker tool for generating YouTube SEO leads.
  • Marketing: Popular options like Animoto, Powtoon, and Wave Video are great for tapping into the best reactions from your audience for maximum conversion, plus offer many social media marketing video templates to consider.

The Bottom Line

Vide and social media marketing have formed a tasty inseparable mix for a longest time. So, if you’re thinking of the best way to boost your marketing strategies on these platforms, then videos are a great way to do it. These tips can help guide you on the best steps to take for your campaigns and show you numbers like never seen. So, give them a shot when you’re drafting your next marketing game plan for social media.

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