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What is video production? Types of Video production services. How much is it?

Mayokun Enoch

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Creating stunning visuals is necessary for every marketing strategy, but not all brands understand its full potential. Learning the basics and hoops of this high-class marketing tool is ideal for pushing your brand into the spotlight.

What is video production?

Video production refers to the entire process of creating a powerful short video for a targeted audience. It encompasses all aspects of utilising film to produce compelling media material that matches a marketing need. Video production involves procedures ranging from scripting to scene planning, storyboarding, soundtracking, graphics and animation selection, and captivating dialogue.

What is a video production specialist?

While different experts in the media field consider themselves skilled in the art and science of video production, it takes another class of experience and knowledge to qualify as a specialist. So, by true definition, a video specialist is a professional who arranges, assembles, and edits raw footage into an attention-grabbing but relevant finished production for public viewing. Video specialists focus on the elements that invoke emotion and desire in viewers’ minds, including motion detail, arranged dialogues, a soundtrack-scene marriage skill, and an understanding of pacing, duration, and visual storytelling.

What is a video production service? What does a video production company do?

A video production service or company creates compelling content for clients, from individuals to brands and companies. Their primary goal is to produce engaging visual material that rhymes with and promotes the objectives of the client’s marketing strategies.

A video production company involves itself in all aspects of video content production for marketing missions. This means they must be skilled at mastering a client’s audience’s needs while combining the benefits of their products or services. Video production companies help businesses push awareness of their brands by turning visual content into powerful marketing media that encourages interest in every viewer.

What are the five types of Video production services?

Each video production service comprises five types designed to suit specific client needs. These include;

  • Entertainment video services design content for the sole purpose of engaging viewers in an exciting and fun way. Common examples include popular big and small-budget films of various genres ranging from comedy to action, romance, horror, TV shows, and music videos. Some short movies and clips on YouTube also fall into this category.
  • Promotional video services create content aimed at a targeted audience base to bring awareness and possible purchase of a product or service. Product reviews, commercials, testimonials, comparisons, social media, brand, viral, app or application, and product demonstration videos fall into this category.
  • Educational video services focus on content that teaches specific knowledge on a subject. These services produce videos that guide viewers on the facts and details of various crafts, skills, and topics. Examples of such works are online video classes, how-to videos, and job training videos.
  • Documentary video services combine real-life events, accounts, and sometimes re-enactments of historical happenings into video content. Such videos use expert analysis to offer a wide range of benefits, including enlightening, communicating, and persuading viewers to understand the subject. Many historical, wildlife, technology, and interview videos qualify as this type.
  • Informational video services produce videos that show an audience the facts about a subject. Informative videos are usually short, concise clips containing practical details about products, services, events, people, places, and other topics. Explainer videos, infomercials, company introductions, open-box videos, news clips, and website videos are excellent examples.

What makes a good video production?

The potential of a good video production lies in a wide range of factors, but on a general note, certain elements must be combined in perfect union. And these factors help separate premium content from mediocre material. So, to consider a video production reasonable, it must contain the following elements;

  • Originality: the video must be unique- soundtrack, visual detail, message, genre, subject, set, and personality. It must display the creator’s identity and showcase his fundamental elements in a way no other can.
  • Plan: The video production must follow a set-out blueprint to ensure it is orderly, appropriately paced, and told to perfection. Storyboarding is the key to ensuring that a video production project is exceptional, as it keeps every required detail in mind and combines the motions best suited.
  • Professional Video and Sound Quality: A good video production must be void of mediocrity, not look cheap or roughly put together, and must showcase the subject in top-quality detail. Every element must be meticulously sourced and utilised so that it sells seriousness while telling its tale.
  • Storytelling: The point of any good video production is to captivate the viewers, and no other way does this well than with a good story. Spinning a subject around a captivating story helps infuse the content into the hearts and minds of the audience, keeping the source within reason. At Zelios Agency, we pay great attention to scriptwriting as we understand its importance as a guiding document to ensure the product is top-quality.
  • Professional Lighting: Nothing ruins a good video production more than bad lighting, which is why the best videos are shot and produced with high-quality and professional lighting equipment. Good lighting highlights the aesthetics and colour themes of any excellent video production and promotes the other elements to be excellently showcased.
  • Remarkable Video Text: Supporting great visuals with creative text sells the message faster and the intended mood. Plus, it creates an inclusive value in the video, allowing it to reach an even broader range of audience.
  • SEO: Because the world has entirely gone digital, it’s safe to say most (if not all) video production is showcased online. Imbibing quality search engine optimisation factors is critical to pushing a good video production to its highest limits. SEO allows the content to spread to the needed corners and reach the intended audience whenever they search for its message online.
  • Timing: Different video lengths work for different situations, so it helps to master the precise duration your clip would best function. And to do that requires first deciding the kind of video production you’re planning. While some clips excel at the 2-minute mark, others offer their best results at short ranges of 30 to 45 seconds.

Statistics have shown that timing has proven to be a crucial element in most video production projects. For instance, explainer videos are best kept at 1 minute, bearing in mind that 40% of online audiences use multiple devices and thus spend less time on longer videos. A Wyzowl survey confirms this, where 50% of their interviewed consumers insist they prefer explainer videos of one minute or less. YouTube videos, however, work better with a longer duration of around 7 – 15 minutes, according to Social Media Examiner.

How much does it cost for video production?

Video production charges vary and depend primarily on the video production company. Still, other factors come into play in deciding how much a video production costs. Elements like duration, animation choices, graphical details, dialogue heaviness, and soundtracking add or subtract the total cost of video production.

The type of video service required also determines the project’s final price. Though most brands focus on explainer video services and ads, others may require infomercials, introduction videos, showreels, and other types. It helps to indicate the precise desire of your brand so the video production company can fashion the best plan for your marketing needs.

At Zelios Agency, we focus on what the client wishes to display while offering consultations on the best way to do it. And we keep the brand’s identity in mind from planning to storyboarding, animation, shooting, and scripting so the final result meets the client’s goals. It’s why our brand video production services have gained numerous appreciation and testimonies from satisfied clients all over.

Who needs video production?

In today’s competitive world, it suffices to say every business needs video production services. The importance of video production cannot be overemphasised as it’s a practical addition to any marketing strategy and powerful enough to sell and expose any product or service. It’s why today, most industries, including real estate, e-commerce, blockchain and crypto, manufacturing, healthcare, travel and hospitality, public relations, finance, tech, advertising firms, entertainment, and education, invest heavily in it.

Zelios Agency recognises the specific needs of every sector and industry, which is why we’re committed to exceptional video production services. We also invest heavily in top-quality video production processes to provide compelling results that any client will be glad to have. Our video production prices are always affordable and tailored to suit the customer’s budget. So, why not reach out today through our contact info so we can get you started on your marketing journey?

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

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