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Whiteboard animation videos. Why are they key tools for your marketing arsenal?

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In this article, you will learn what it is, why it’s so popular, and where you can order the best whiteboard animations. If so, this article is for you! Well, let’s go point by point.

What is a whiteboard animation video?

A whiteboard animation video is a pencil-drawn video presentation that briefly and succinctly tells about a business and/or a product by changing the drawn scenes under the announcer’s voice and music. Not a tedious description of the company’s advantages and a fascinating story that keeps the watcher’s attention throughout the viewing.

The whiteboard video features the designer’s hand, drawing the characters, the objects surrounding them, their thoughts, outlines the lifestyle, emotions, and actions. All illustrations are made in front of the audience. This is not a presentation of finished images but a demonstration of their creation process.

What is a whiteboard animation video used for?

This is a kind of advertising of the company, its services and goods. On websites, YouTube channels, conferences, exhibitions, presentations, business owners try to come up with the most original and exciting way to advertise their business and/or product.

Traditional methods may seem too simple. That’s why whiteboard animation videos are used to hold viewers’ attention.

Who is the whiteboard video services for?

Videos that can arouse interest, delight, that capture and dynamically tell about something – this is a true breakthrough for many niches:

  • tedious and complex products;
  • presentation of the mobile application;
  • training and consulting;
  • owners of online stores who need to increase sales, advertise their brand or their website;
  • advertising, and PR specialists;
  • teachers, TV presenters, entertainment specialists;
  • SAAS projects;
  • Representative videos must be influential, so we recommend hiring an experienced whiteboard animation company for the best impact.

Advantages of whiteboard animation

It is impressive

Detailed outstanding graphics will not leave anyone uninterested, especially in combination with a thoughtful plot. You will definitely attract the attention of the public.

Excellent perception

A short video format and simple hand-drawn shots will clearly and undoubtedly convey all the necessary information to the watcher, while leaving only a positive impression. People easily perceive facts and advertising in a relaxed, unobtrusive way.

It is much more interesting to observe the nimble movements of the drawing designer while listening and watching. The creator’s talent is to “hypnotise” the viewer to some extent, not to let him get bored while watching the presentation.

By the way, in our whiteboard video company, we have only such hypnotising creators.

Where can I order a whiteboard video?

Our whiteboard video production company offers you the services of creating the best custom whiteboard videos. We have been developing corporate whiteboard videos and 2D animation for more than 7 years, so we are ready to help you make a decent presentation for your services or goods.

You can entrust the production to our team of specialists, who are always ready to create the best whiteboard animation videos for your business. You can see the full list of services here.

Why choose Zelios Agency?

Because we not only create the best whiteboard explainer videos, but make every effort to produce media content bright and help you achieve your business goals. Our whiteboard explainer video company do everything on time, and we consult with the customer at every stage of creation to achieve the most effective result.

The sequence of stages creating a whiteboard animation

  1. Our team study the task and goals. We define the target audience and specify the platform you want to post the video (YouTube, your website, Facebook, etc.).
  2. Writing a script and drawing a storyboard. The storyboard is static frames with all the main scenes of the future video. After approval, we proceed to point number 3.
  3. Drawing all the frames and the details, then also approve them with the client.
  4. Adding the announcer’s voice, which we also coordinate with the customer. We compose music or replace it with music from audio stocks.
  5. We make video animation under the received speaker’s voice. The pictures drawn earlier start to come alive.
  6. Presentation of the video. We are sending you a ready-made whiteboard animation. If there are any comments, we’re fixing them and voilà!

Whiteboard video prices

The cost of a whiteboard video explainer mostly depends on the amount of work performed and its complexity. Factors such as:

  • It depends on how many scenes need to be rendered.
  • Video length
  • Complexity and quality of graphic elements
  • The number of additional services (voice acting, music license, etc.)

In our whiteboard animation video company, the cost starts from 900 USD. Considering your business’s features, this is an excellent price among the best whiteboard animation companies for a fantastic video.

Of course, you can try to do everything yourself using online services to save the budget — for example, But then you will have to decide all the nuances yourself, from developing a script to exporting a video and posting it on the Internet. In addition, the functionality of self-creating whiteboard video sites is minimal and does not allow you to give free rein to your imagination.

Even though the producing price in each case is unique, the average price range in our whiteboard animation production company for a 45-90 second video is 1100 – 3200 USD.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

Want to make your project the next one?

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