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YouTube vs. Vimeo: Which Video Platform is better for Your Business in 2023?

Mayokun Enoch

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When it comes to uploading videos, there is often a question – which platform is better, YouTube or Vimeo? In this article, we will outline each service’s advantages and help you choose the most suitable one.

YouTube vs Vimeo

Although YouTube is a better-known brand, it is not suited for every business. Vimeo is more of a niche service, and for some companies, it might be a better choice for several reasons. To make the decision easier, let’s compare the principal parameters.

Number of users

YouTube boasts an audience of more than 1 billion, which makes up about ⅓ of all Internet users. Vimeo has a smaller number of viewers – 240 million. If you are after a larger coverage, go for YouTube.

Search engine optimization

YouTube holds second place after Google by the number of searches. Thus, if you want to upload a video for a specific request (e.g. “How to make a promo video”), it is better to use YouTube, as it will be displayed in search results of both YouTube and Google platforms.


Half of YouTube’s traffic is mobile, plus, its app is the most popular one out of other streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, etc).


YouTube is free even for corporate subscribers, whereas Vimeo applies a multi-level subscription model that starts from a free basic plan and ends with a 50-dollar business account.


YouTube recommendations are more generic and numerous. Vimeo offers more personalized support to paid accounts, so if you don’t have much video marketing experience, it is more reasonable to use this service.


Having uploaded a video to YouTube, you will definitely get an advertising pre-roll, which may distract the audience. Vimeo doesn’t support this feature, which makes it look better in comparison to ad-overloaded YouTube. However, if you plan to launch an ad campaign, Vimeo is not the best option.


YouTube has a much larger number of users, therefore, the competition there is higher and you risk drowning in a huge video pool. In contrast, on Vimeo, it is much easier to get to the recommended videos list.


Both platforms have the function of open and restricted access; however, Vimeo offers additional features. For example, you have the option of hiding the video so that it is only available to your website users.


In this respect, Vimeo is out of competition. Among other features, it provides hex color adjustment and allows Business and Pro subscribers to add their user logos. The player design is also much more attractive.


All YouTube analytics is free. Vimeo has analytics services as well, but if you need more than basic statistic data, you will have to pay.

Conclusion: what is the best service to upload your showreel in 2023?

Having said that, we want to conclude that the answer to the question “What is better, YouTube or Vimeo?” depends on your goals. If you strive to be successful in a specific niche, go for Vimeo. On the other hand, if your priorities are advertising and search engine optimization, upload your showreels to YouTube.

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