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What is a showreel, and what is it for? Creation, content, and duration.

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People like dynamism and a beautiful image. Therefore, the best way to capture their attention, and at the same time present the information in the best possible way, is to make a showreel. But not everyone knows what a showreel is.

What is a showreel video?

A showreel is a short video used as a portfolio to showcase your work. For example, a showreel is created to promote a personal brand, a company, a specialist, a service, or a product. This strategy is widely used in film, video production, and motion design.

The showreel includes the most successful projects, clip segments, and animation fragments. This way, instead of the client looking at the portfolio or reading the resume, they immediately see the person’s skill level who created the showreel. In addition, the video creates a wow effect from the first few seconds, making the job-seeker stand out from the crowd.

What is a showreel for?

How to create a showreel?

There are many different answers to the question, “why create a showreel?” A showreel solves many problems at once. The main advantage of a showreel is that it shows that you have not taken credit for someone else’s work but that you have done all the job yourself and understand the subject matter.

With a showreel, you can:

  • Attract new customers;
  • Expand your network of partners and clients;
  • Stand out from other professionals in your industry;
  • Demonstrate your skills;
  • Capture your client’s attention;
  • Demonstrate your company’s values;
  • Develop your brand, your company, and your career;
  • Showcase your products and services quickly and prominently;
  • Create an impressive portfolio and much more.

How to create a showreel?

To create a showreel video, you need to:

  • View your work and select the most relevant and appropriate for your topic or assignment. There is no point in adding videos from several years ago to the showreel folder. After all, visual trends, treatment, styles, and tools constantly change. The popular video three years ago is likely to look uninteresting now; that’s why choosing the most recent works is essential.
  • Select the most impressive scenes and good shots. These can be complex constructions and transitions, unusual solutions, fragments of successful performances, etc.
  • Select music for the background of the video. To not violate copyright, you can find a suitable melody on free music services.
  • Create the showreel. For editing the video, you should use professional software. Many people who are new to motion design and other areas of video production try to make a showreel on their own. Still, not everyone succeeds at the first attempt to make a good video. They usually waste a lot of time and sometimes even lose orders and very profitable leads due to the poor quality of their showreel. For these reasons, the best option is to use the services of professionals and have a showreel created by our agency!
  • Show your showreel to your family and friends. Choose those who are not too prone to flattery and exaggeration. You must get feedback from people who will tell you what they think to know if your video works and its impression. Focus group comments should be honest and objective.
  • Upload the video to the web, give it to a client or add it to your portfolio. Alternatively, you can add the presentation to the cloud or upload it to YouTube or another video service to be accessed at any time. You can also post a link to your video presentation when needed.

How to make a good showreel?

A showreel is a video slice in which you show your work. It does not include all of your work, only the most interesting and successful ones. We recommend making a showreel for each client, as each client’s projects and requirements are different. If you make a personal showreel, you show the client that you understand their goals and objectives, know how to solve them, and experience this project. In addition, by creating a showreel for a specific order, you can demonstrate your skills and significantly increase your chances of getting an order.

What to include in a showreel?

In a showreel you don’t have to include all your work, the ideal is to make a selection. However, when a person creates their video presentation, they often want to add everything without understanding their primary skills and strengths. That’s why we offer our professional services to design your showreel.

How long should a showreel last?

One of the main aspects of a showreel is its brevity. A showreel should be no longer than 3.5-4 minutes, even shorter. The most important jobs are placed at the beginning to catch the user’s attention. The person who will watch the video probably watches many videos and may not have time to watch it until the end. The shorter the showreel, the better. The optimal length of a showreel is 40-60 seconds.

Why order a showreel?

Creating a showreel has its tricks and secrets. Something that we at Zelios Agency know perfectly well. Some nuances will allow you to impress your client with your video, make it stick with him, and stay in his mind even after the showreel is over. We make sure that the person watching your showreel will not be interested in watching videos of other candidates or partners. Even if they do, they will be impressed by the uniqueness of your showreel. So, if you want to attract new clients and get the best presentation of your brand, we at Zelios would love to help you achieve that.

Do you want to show yourself to your best advantage?
Do you want to show yourself to your best advantage?

Be sure – we are the showreel masters. Sign up with us to get a demo video and we guarantee that your brand, product, or service will be seen in the best possible light. Zelios professionals know how to impress and persuade your audience!

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