How to order an animated video? What do I need to do?

You can order our animated video production services by clicking on the “Services” options in the sidebar. Then, choose from any options desired and indicate how long the video should be for a price. Once you click  ”Get Started”, your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number will be requested. You can also “Schedule a Call” to speak with our video production team or click “Get an Estimate” and take a quiz to determine the right type of video for your marketing.

How long does it take to create an animated video?

It usually takes less than ten days to create our animated videos. But sometimes, the waiting period depends on the type and duration of the video requested. For instance, the time it takes to animate a 30-second video will be faster than a 2-minute one, while our 2D video animation services are finished faster than 3D. But our team always overviews the details with you before proceeding so that we can meet up with your desired deadline.

How much does it cost for animated video production?

Our video production price list entails the duration and the services expected from each one. Most times, the duration determines how much clients pay for our videos. Also, both 2D and 3D animation cost the same to us, with the differences only showing based on video length.

For more details, check the table below;

What are the types of animated videos you do?

We’re a full-service video production agency, so our projects span all animated video production services fields. It’s why we offer captivating video animation services such as:

  • Explainer Videos (for E-Commerce, NFT, Saas, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech, and Medical)
  • App Explainer Videos (for Financial, Educational, Cryptocurrency, Trading, Medical, and Mobile Apps)

We also offer corporate whiteboard video services, and all our promo video options come in 3D and 2D animation format to suit your needs. Plus our excellent services are reachable from any part of the world, from Europe to Asia and the UK.

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