Vlad Abramov

CEO, project manager

Vlad Abramov is equal parts multitool and one man bureau of quality assurance, as he is the one who constantly monitors all the processes and directs them to the right track. To be more precise, he holds the position of the CEO and a project manager having a mission to lead a team of creatives all the while presenting the latest and advanced techniques with the aim to make the projects even more successful. 

For years, he has provided companies from various fields with so many solutions that it’s a sin to doubt his extensive experience. Zelios was born before his eyes both figuratively and literally. And like a loving parent, he nurtured and saw great potential in it.

Vlad acts as the bridge between either side of the project his team and the clients, holding in his hands all the real-time requirements and feedback. Getting everything on the right foot that is all he cares about! There is no greater pleasure for a project manager that seeing his clients fully satisfied with the obtained results, especially if you’ve been able to exceed their expectations! Yes, we can)



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Game of Thrones
Fight Club
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