Alex Shabliy

Creative Director

Alex is an invaluable asset to the Zelios team since as four elephants support the earth, so as does he build a strong foundation for client relationships at their onset and makes sure that their experience with us is a good one. After all, this is half of success!

His friendly demeanor makes him a pleasure for clients to reach out to while being professional and having a great sense of humor eases any stress around the projects. On a day-to-day basis, Alex brings his positive energy making sure that every client is happy, which they always are!

Furthermore, he plays a vital role in keeping clients and the rest of the team informed about the status of ongoing projects and ensuring that everyone is aware of everything on the plate. Being transparent and hard-working lets him foster a trustworthy relationship with the clients. He knows how important it is to keep clients up to speed, so he regularly checks in with them and makes sure they’re satisfied with Zelios’s services.


A Song of Ice and Fire
Atlas Shrugged
Day of the Triffids
The Chrysalids
The Great Gatsby
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