Solomia Gamuliak


Solomia Gamuliak is another Rebega Sugar, a well-known animator, turning the world of imagination into real-life illustrations to bring more life and vividness to your explainer videos. Thanks to her, it’s so hard to look away from a video and in turn from the landing page, where it’s placed.

Solomia’s constant desire to seek new methods to convey the message through illustration delights. It’s almost unimaginable to see how much her illustrations tell a story without even a single word, but they do!

“A corny joke” — that’s what her illustrations represent according to her, but we all know nearly every talent is modest by nature. With a little imagination, Solomia is able to turn any idea, even the most complex one, into a beautiful masterpiece. She’ll take your explainer videos from good to great—but what makes her stand out is the unique style she brings to every project she works on.


Standup paddleboarding
Hiking in the mountains
Petting a cat
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