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TOP 7 Inspirational Company Introduction videos

Mayokun Enoch

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A company introduction video is an essential tool for any business, large or small. But, it’s more than just a fancy way of introducing your company to new customers.
A well-produced, informative, and engaging company introduction video can help you stand out and attract new customers to your business. The following are seven examples of great business introduction videos that can inspire you to create your own:

Carbonite 2D Explainer Video

From the first impression of the video, the use of animated characters makes it easier for the viewer to relate to the initial struggles of securing their data. The video also does a good job of showing how the company is constantly developing its customer-oriented tools. They show you how simple it is to get quick help from the virtual booth on securing your data by walking through each step of setting up the security.

The voice-over was also done by an actor with a very convincing tone, making it easy for everyone to understand every bit of her illustration. She also uses different sounds, such as background music and sound effects, which help create a more relaxing mood for viewers who are watching this video for the first time.

Starbucks Product Animated Video

This video brings on board a different taste into video introduction. The video’s creator employs a narrative introduction with matching animations. Using a step by step illustration of every step of coffee production from the fields to the cup you receive from Starbucks. You’ll also note that half of the video has no background music, except the voiceover and every other matching sound from the illustrations. It’s an amazing revelation, so you don’t have to stress out for a matching background music, as long as you can master the art of narration with animated background sounds. It’s never been this amazing!

TechSign Explainer

Techsign is a cloud-based security solution that helps businesses protect their data and infrastructure from cyber threats. This video perfectly shows how a very creative and engaging opening video hooks the viewer. The fingerprint icon, which signifies security, immediately draws attention to the topic. The animated phone and computer guide, from choosing an ID, to authentication, create a realistic security element for viewers.

The animated cloud comparison illustrates actual reality in the Techsign explainer video. We also see how AI support can be integrated into our everyday lives to help us get things done quicker and easier.

Dear Internet

These thoughts are given form, given flight, and are the spark that ignites tremendous dialogues on Medium. They provide an open forum where over one hundred million readers can come to find thinking that is both intelligent and active.

Dear Internet is an example of a short-form video that can be used for marketing or sales objectives. It is designed to highlight a company’s product, service, or business idea in an engaging and time-effective manner. The majority of companies either showcase their introductory films on the homepage of their websites or host them on the landing pages of their websites.


This company is changing the game for social media content creators. They make it simple for people to create amazing videos, ads, and graphics without worrying about target areas. This business introduction video illustrates content creators’ struggles when advertising their work on Facebook. The creator then takes this as a cue to introduce AgentGo while the voiceover states the benefits of using their platform. This hits differently and is unforgettable.

Furthermore, the decision made by the creator to introduce the price after stating all the other benefits, including ai analytics, is a game changer because it shows viewers how much they are getting for some little pay. This trick makes the stated benefits a reality. The creator understands the key is to understand your audience and create content that will resonate with them.

Unilever’s Product Animated Video

Unilever’s Product Animated Video is a great example of an inspirational company introduction. The video has a 1-second blank screen with no sound from it, creating an amazing sense of hang; at this point, the viewer has high expectations, waiting and imagining what could be on the video.

After that, the video has an interesting musical introduction, which is catchy and draws attention. The syncing voiceover couldn’t have done any better. And the visuals are great, too, featuring day-to-day activities on the screen that hooks the viewer and creates a sense of ownership. The viewer enjoys the activities illustrated in animation, so it’s no surprise they will definitely want to try the same with Unilever’s product. It definitely won’t be wrong to say this video’s creators learned the art of engaging and are using it to their best.


TripCase provides users with a centralized location from which they can manage and arrange their trips. TripCase is a FREE itinerary management tool that is connected to strong technology and travel firms. It provides users with the appropriate information at the appropriate moment.

Some are frequently more suitable than others; for example, using live action footage might make it simpler to convey a message that is relatable or to evoke feelings of empathy and compassion in the audience. While animation can simplify complicated concepts, it can also generate enthusiasm and amaze an audience.


Competitors may have some similarities with your company introduction, so it’s important to know how to get your audience interested. You need to believe in the quality of your company introduction and be reminded of all the good you have done in the past. Great leaders let the simplicity of their products or services do all of the talking for them because they know that their team and all those who will carry on their legacy will do a phenomenal job of showcasing everything they’ve accomplished to date.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

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