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How to Write a Script for an Explainer Video

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Video is one of the highest-converting types of content you can create today to market your product or service.

One of the first – and most important steps – to creating a good video is to write a script. It may seem daunting to write a script for a marketing video. To help you out, we’ve laid out a guide for you below.

Choose Your Target Audience

Before starting with the actual scriptwriting, you’ll need to identify your target audience. Ask yourself what kind of businesses would need or would benefit from the service or product you’re offering.

Set a Goal for Your Video Script

If you start writing your script without a clear pre-defined goal in mind, your script may turn into a convoluted mess over time. So, think about your video’s goal before even putting pen to paper.

If you’re not sure about the goal of your corporate video script, think about the problem you’re hoping your video will solve or what message you want it to convey.

Create an Outline

Similar to other writing or marketing projects, writing a video explainer script is about coming up with a compelling narrative. In most cases, you may want to keep your video short and punchy; however, your video length may differ based on the goal you set earlier.

Before writing the script itself – but after defining your goal – you’ll want to create an outline. This outline will guide everyone involved in making the explainer video. You’ll want to make sure everyone is on board and on the same page to ensure a smooth project workflow.

Writing the Script

If you’ve never written a video script before, you can reach out to an actor friend or writer friend and ask for help. Or you can just write the script conversationally – as long as it’s clear enough for everyone on the team to understand.

Regardless of how you come up with your script, your goal should be to create a unique story that’s action-oriented and brand-focused. Many writers opt to start from the end and work in reverse. Doing so typically helps establish the right type of call-to-action for your product.

Edit Your Video Script

Writing is difficult, and you won’t nail your script on the first try. So, after coming up with a completed draft, you’ll want to do two to three rounds of proofreading in order to edit and polish your script.

Final Thoughts

Writing a high-quality explainer script is an art. With time, you’ll master it. But if you need a great script today and can’t wait years to learn how to write a proper one, you may opt to hire experts to help you out.

Contact us today. We provide complete scriptwriting services to meet all your video production needs.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

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