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Top 10 Explainer Videos for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Mayokun Enoch

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Explainer videos have been heavily utilized in the digital market, but they’ve never seen as much use as they have since the arrival of blockchain and crypto. And it’s understandable, considering how complex the sector’s operations can be. Indeed, most people who shy from blockchain or crypto-related topics do so because they barely understand. And such behaviours can affect the sales and profits of firms in the industry unless they do something about it.

This is where explainer videos come in; they’ve been useful in the past, and as it turns out, they still are today. A Statista study shows that 205 million people have watched videos from their smartphones in 2022. And further numbers revealed 86% better conversion rates on landing pages with explainer videos than those without.

No wonder tons of crypto and blockchain firms have them featured on their websites and social media pages! But it takes more than just a fat budget to create a powerful and engaging explainer video. You also need creativity, foresight, originality, and keen attention to detail.

It’s why we’ve compiled these examples to guide you on what to consider when making an explainer video for crypto and blockchain. Each option has been a successful hit and a contributing factor to the company’s marketing success. We insist you look closer at their details and construction to grasp what you can tinker with to make one for your project.


Using motion graphics and captivating colour themes, Keplertek expressed its brand’s commitment and productivity in its explainer video. As a smart contract tech company that combines AI and robotics with finance, the producers ensured these elements are hinted at in the video’s concept. It’ll be hard to watch this visually stunning craft and not be convinced they’re very experienced in their chosen field.

Salt Lending

Not everyone fully understands the processes surrounding getting cryptocurrency loans, and that’s precisely what Salt Lending set to do with this explainer video. The firm focused on simplifying the details surrounding the loan procedures by using playful, yet fluid 3D animation and punchy colour combos. Even a 10-year-old will quickly grasp the message they’ve shared!

Blockchain- Dubai

Real estate is already a cumbersome topic, so imagine merging it with blockchain. But Dubai Real Estate Blockchain made the marriage look so simple in their artistic animated blockchain explainer video. As a company looking to replace the paperwork hurdles in real estate with blockchain technology, they needed a visual message to sell this idea. And luckily, thanks to the infographic illustrations, brief narration, and flowing animation, that was precisely what they did!

Coin Crowd

CoinCrowd from So What on Vimeo.

As cryptocurrency has already become a touchy subject for newbies, Coin Crowd designed this explainer video to offer a bridge of understanding. They used relevant animation to sell the ideology of cryptocurrency, and detailed facts to guide viewers to understand the world of digital coins. The message is balanced with a catchy visual that keeps viewers enthralled and educated.

Earth Token

Earth Token – Preserving The Earth from Hypercube Video on Vimeo.

This explainer video is a brilliant example of how to sell a product that appeals to a specific niche. Earth Token is an ingenious idea that promotes the preservation of the earth through Ethereum blockchain technology. The project’s idea is simple; each participant earns tokens for protecting and preserving trees and nature. Its pro-environment concept attracts green-initiative investors, and this mood is further displayed through artistic animation and impressive colour selections.

Airswap Coin

This US-based, P2P, Ethereum-fueled DeFi exchange allows the trade of crypto coins, including platform-native ones. But its marketing team is quite aware of the information gap between most crypto enthusiasts and the concept of operating a DEX. In this impressive explainer video, Airswap Coin lays out an incredibly simple explanation of how users can manoeuvre its platform. And it employs crypto-centric graphics and line-based animation to drive the concept home.

Genesis Vision

Picture a platform where traders, brokers, managers, and exchangers can acquire a wide range of assets through smart contracts and blockchain technology. An odd concept, isn’t it? Yet, that’s what Genesis Vision is all about. And this powerful explainer video expresses their idea, using powerful, realistic 3D designs, and fluid camera movements. The concept gives a futuristic impression of the brand, convincing viewers of the company’s potential to evolve in the financial market. – blockchain technology solving the trust problem | BluBlu Studios from BluBlu Studios on Vimeo.

Monetha wins its viewers over by starting its cryptocurrency explainer video on a crucial topic in the crypto world; trust. Knowing how fickle this can be concerning blockchain transactions, Monetha focuses on sharing the belief that trust is crucial for any trade and business. By the time the simple narrations about the brand’s operations came on, viewers were already comforted that they can trust this name; meaning as far as explainer videos go, this is a sure winner.!

Bitcoin- What’s Coming

Being the name that popularized crypto, it’s no surprise that Bitcoin would excel when it comes to making spectacular explainer videos. Knowing how prospective the token’s rise in value will be, the brand releases this powerfully engaging video that discusses Bitcoin’s potential to change the financial world. With its creative visuals and compelling storytelling, this explainer video will keep any viewer glued from start to finish!


This firm uses animation elements to not just express what their services are all about, but also educate viewers on the concept of hacking and security in blockchain. And just from watching the video alone, you can tell what Cloudbric is all about; cloud network protection for blockchain, web apps, IoT devices, and digital tokens. The explainer video features a game-like storyline in an isometric environment, thus simplifying the process by which hackers break into wallets and exchanges, and how they provide solutions. And the effect is almost film-like; giving you a mixed feeling of Star Wars meets Tron!

The Bottom Line

Working with blockchain or crypto requires simplifying the concepts of your products and services to prospective users. And explainer videos are one of the most convincing ways to do it. But you need to be creative, resourceful, and detail-oriented. Plus, expert consultation from professionals like us at Zelios will help you get the best result.

At Zelios, we use compelling visuals and tasty animations to create powerful explainer videos that captivate any viewer. And we pay attention to your details, putting elements that sell your firm’s visions and product’s best qualities in mind. As experts, we understand the relevance of explainer videos in marketing blockchain and crypto products, which is why we ensure our projects are as innovative, futuristic, and brand-relatable as possible. Give us a call or check out our website to get an idea of how we work.

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

The visibility and success of your company or product in the market depends on a high-quality explainer video. Zelios team has realized more than 100 successful projects and knows how to turn video into an effective marketing tool.

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