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Top 10 Hand-Drawn Explainer Videos in 2023

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Are you looking to create the best hand-drawn explainer video this year? Check out these impressive examples to jar your inner artist for the right motivation.

Short, punchy, fascinating, and artistic, hand-drawn explainer videos are the in-thing in today’s world. You’ll even find hand-drawn music videos in this day and age!
The main reason is that hand-drawn animations are cheaper and quicker to make. They also offer a wider range of artistic flexibility to any user.

And since videos make up 82% of the internet (Cisco), you can trust hand-drawn animated explainers to captivate viewers with their quirky colorful characters, imaginative universes, and unreal transitions.

What is a Hand Drawn Explainer Video?

A hand-drawn video explainer video refers to animated videos that use sketched illustrations to explain a concept, product, service, or brand’s position. These illustrations can then be displayed in numerous 2D styles to suit the brand’s preferences. The key is to visualize the story artistically while creating reach characters and surroundings with a distinct transition technique

The Top 10 Hand-Drawn Explainer Videos of 2023

If you’re planning to use them for your brand’s exposure, it may be hard finding inspiration. It’s why we’ve compiled this list of successful and extremely creative hand-drawn explainer videos in 2023 to give you a nudge in the right direction.


Ted-Ed uses traditional techniques to create a spectacular animated video that explains a random yet mind-pricking topic. And while this video may be longer than normal, it makes the list because the playful lines, soothing voiceover, and deeply-explained concept make it a successful educational explainer video to learn from.


Traditional animation is eternally tasteful, and DeadHappy knows this. It’s why this video merges exciting comedy with brilliantly sketched characters to explain a topic most viewers usually found boring- life insurance. With one character, the brand shares every problem associated
with this idea, and solutions they can offer. 


For their Raising Her Voice campaign, Oxfam uses whiteboard animation to capture the audience on a topic that’s not only emotional but extremely relatable. Displaying different rich sketches of women and girls from developing countries around the world, the video taps into your heart, inspiring a conscious Call to Action to fight for the empowerment of girls’ rights.

Super Sync Sports

If you’re talking about a sports-related topic, why not make it as fun as possible? That’s precisely what Super Sync Sports did with this explainer video that talks about their captivating mobile game. And with such amusing characters, you’d be interested in the product.

Security @me

So many elements make this clip one of the best hand-drawn explainer video ideas in 2023. From the futuristic soundtrack to the rich color palette, to the floating screen graphics, you get a feel of oneness as you listen to the message. Plus, the character is designed to express maximum facial attention- a rare feat for animated corporate videos.


Uniqueness is the ultimate element of the best explainer videos, and that’s what this video exudes from start to finish. Simple whiteboard animation is used to send the message using a world of anthropomorphic animals, a sweet poem, and a design style so unusual, you’d stick till the end which is about 42 seconds later!

Montblanc X Device

Using 70’s sketch techniques on whiteboard animation, this ink pen manufacturer didn’t just share an idea with their audience but also creates an elemental impression of what they do. Plus, the monochromatic style blends with the story spun around it to give a tasteful comic-like retro feel that keeps the audience glued.

Unilever- “Every U”

How do you explain a brand, its products, and its proposed benefits without really saying it? Well, this hand-drawn video by Unilever answers that question. Powerful frame-by-frame animation combines with creative illustrations to offer an explainer video so captivating; it can also pass easily as an ad! You’d be surprised you’re stuck till the end, even though the clip is 61 seconds long.

UNICEF- Data Manifesto

Explaining data-rich concepts can be tedious and eye-glazing, but UNICEF crosses this hurdle as easily as pie. With simple but fascinating character and subject designs, the whiteboard animation describes why data is crucial to tracking global development goal progress. Powerful voiceover mixes with subtle movements, scene transitions, and impressive illustrations to make elements like charts and graphs look interesting!

Renature the South Downs

This magical video with hand-drawn animation combines a strong message with immersive illustrations to create a dreamy masterpiece that showcases an idea starting from a character’s dream. Though its heart-melting tale triggers social awareness, the video still manages to sell
the brand’s cultural and social personalities in a convincing way.

The Bottom Line

Hand-drawn explainer videos still have a place in today’s marketing world. And adding them to your campaign is a great way to boost awareness and ROI. These ten classic examples will give you an idea of the styles, script designs, and story progressions making the waves in 2023. So, give them another look over, if you will. Your next masterpiece may just be embedded in one of them!

The best explainer video for your business
The best explainer video for your business

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